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Let's Talk PanelPlace: Snappy Christmas

 Let's Talk PanelPlace: Snappy Christmas

Hello everyone! The Christmas season have passed, and so have our December promotion! Last month, we had our members share a meaningful photo with us. Along with each photo, a heartfelt story is shared. We are happy to have received so many beautiful stories from everyone, therefore we've put together all your wonderful photos to show our appreciation for everyone who had participated!

Try to spot your photo in this massive collage!


Each photo has a story behind it. If you have not checked it out, do pop by our Snappy Christmas promotion and have a read! Some of these stories and photos have truly touched our hearts, so we chose 4 of them to share with all of you!

Here we go!

1. Gladys Nuapo


"A family will still be a family no matter what. I grew up in a family that sometimes we were like strangers to each other. The so called "not so close" family. We barely talk to each other, not even greeting each other's birthdays nor a Merry Christmas greeting to each other. I always had the chance but I never did. I think we're used to it. No matter how bad I feel, in the end, I will still love them, care for them and pray for them, because I know in the my heart and my mind they are all I have."

2. Navin Asokan


"I would say this is one of the most memorable picture taken for Christmas by me. These are my sisters in the picture and it was taken on Dec 2015, exactly a year ago before they left to Australia for their education, It has been one year since I met them. Every time I miss them I will look at this picture and it reminds me of the fun we had before they left. Last but not least, I strongly believe that people may change, memories may fade but moments freezes into a photo will never lie. Thank you and Merry Christmas Everyone!"

3. Hans Herman De Guzman


"It was a year since I suffered from a serious illness which caused me to not see Christmas 2015. I spent more than a month staying at home with my right eye closed due to that illness. I failed to see Christmas lights in every street, failed to hear Christmas carols, failed to join my friends in Christmas parties, and was hurt the most when I failed to return from my job. But these people did not fail me to show their love and care so that's why to the last coin of my savings I gave them the real meaning of Christmas, Family."

4. Teresa Luvip


"Last year, I couldn't manage to come home, therefore I spent my Christmas with my little sister in University. I was a bit homesick then, but luckily, my little girl really knew how to cheer me up. Christmas to both of us!"

Indeed, the Christmas season reminds us of our loved ones and pushes us to extend our love to them. We hope that your holidays have been memorable and fun!

Also, do check out our the promotion page to see if you appear in the list of winners, and stay tune for the next promotion!

Let us remember these memorable moments with our loved ones as we move into the new year!

Till the next time,

The PanelPlace Team


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