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It is time for the highly anticipated monthly member feature again! Previously, we invited Amir from Malaysia to share with us his first year experience with paid surveys. He was also very generous with sharing his personal tips!

This time, we have Tushar from India with us! Tushar has been with PanelPlace for close to 3 years and have been consistently uploading earning proofs to share his earnings with the PanelPlace community! Let's take a look at how the 3 years have been for him.

PanelPlace Says Hi: Tushar

1.Hi, could you give us an introduction of yourself?

Hi, my name is Tushar Dalvi. I am currently working as a cashier at the international airport in Mumbai. I spend a lot of time on the internet to search for various platforms to make money online. I consider it as my hobby!

2.How often do you do surveys?

I do surveys as soon as they are available, usually after being notified through my email! I also regularly visit survey sites to check if there are any surveys available. I normally take surveys when I am at home.

3.What is your favourite Survey Panel and why?

My favourite survey panel has got to be GlobalTestMarket! The reason is because I have earned more from this panel than any other panels on my list!
4.Are there any particular survey topics you enjoy doing the most?
Yes. I particularly enjoy answering surveys on topics related to electronics, brands and also topics related to specific application or features of various products!

5.Could you name a few of the most interesting or unexpected questions you have gotten from a survey? What was your reaction?

I have not encountered many of such questions.The few that caught my eye are those that ask really random questions like “Do you have a pet snake?” or “Do you have a hunting license?” , sounds pretty weird yet funny to me!

6.Could you share with us your PanelPlace story?

I have joined PanelPlace since 30th October 2014 and have been a member for around 3 years! I was looking for a medium to make money online when I stumbled upon PanelPlace. I have read many positive reviews about PanelPlace, which is why I decided to join!

The thing I like about PanelPlace is that it is very genuine. It has a very good reputation in online money making through surveys. I also like the earning proof section in PanelPlace as it allows its members to share their earning proofs. This helps to let others know that PanelPlace is a legitimate survey aggregator platform and not a fraud!

Got some free time? Use it to do paid surveys and earn rewards. Let's Do it!

7.Have you had any reservations about paid surveys before joining us? Has your thinking changed since?

Back then, I was a novice in making money online! I was not very convinced whether I would really be able to make money just by answering some questions on the internet. There was also a problem of whether a panel or website is genuine or not. But PanelPlace has helped me to gain confidence in paid surveys! PanelPlace has suggested to me many survey sites which are legitimate and really do pay!

8.What do you think about paid surveys?

I do paid surveys because it is fun for me and also gives me some extra money apart from my job! I consider taking surveys online as a hobby. In India, many people are not aware of the possibilities of making money online through survey panels. It is really a pity as I find it extremely enjoyable and rewarding! I don't refer my friend to do paid surveys because most of them are quite busy and sadly have the wrong idea that paid surveys is a waste of time.

For those who are just starting out on their paid survey journey, I would suggest to be a member of more than 5-6 panels, as it will increase earning opportunities! Although you might get screened out sometimes, you should still not give false answers just to increase your chances to qualify as survey panels have your complete profile information.

9.What was the biggest problem you faced when doing paid surveys for multiple survey panels?

The biggest problem I faced when doing surveys is that sometimes, I get screened out. Also, there are some surveys which are required to be taken on a computer which I dont have. I usually only take surveys on smartphone and tablet.

10.What would you tell people who are considering doing Paid Surveys?

I would share with them my personal experience and how paid surveys can actually be a very rewarding hobby, whereby you get to attempt fun surveys and get rewards at the same time! For those who are afraid of scam paid survey sites, I would recommend trying finding out more about the surveys sites before signing up with them. For example, PanelPlace usually recommends reliable survey sites and even has an earning proofs sections for users to see the reliability of the different survey panels!

Thank you Tushar!

Tushar is the first featured member we have interviewed from India! Indeed, the experience does vary for members from different countries! As such, we are looking forward to featuring more members from different countries! Stay tuned!

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