Life Without Market Research

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Life Without Market Research

I honestly can’t stress you enough what happens if the concept of market research doesn’t exist. I might say that maybe the world won’t be as rapidly evolving as to how it is right now. Market research itself serves a purpose for companies and businesses to understand what is crucially needed by their customers, therefore is utilized to make everything simpler yet much more convenient. So, let me tell you several hypothetical scenarios of our world, but without market research. If you’re curious, why don’t you check it out down below?

What would the world turn out to be without Market Research?

1. Technological Stagnation


Yup, it’s not an advancement and you might be disappointed by what I am going to say but without those market research, we might still be stuck on the era of flip phones and highly durable Nokia with those 3x4 keypads. Although that phone is very strong, you need to realize how much we depend on technology these days. I’m not saying it as a bad thing, but I find it to be much more convenient for us. Just imagine, what happens if you were to go overseas the first time and need to figure out how to get from the airport there to your hotel or Airbnb. Without the existence of smartphones and google maps, you might have to keep on pulling up your map, hoping that it won’t be windy, raining or snowing throughout the whole trip. Things like that, seemingly disguised as a simple matter, do incorporate in our daily lives while playing the role of convenience on a daily basis.

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2. Slow And Plateauing Economy


Leaving off with the idea of technological stagnation, the concept itself also affect our economy greatly. With the lack of understanding what the people want, it is the same as letting a blind person leading another blind person. Not only that the companies will make things that they want to make instead of considering feedback from their users, but also that advertisements for products might not exist at all. With the decrease in goods and services globally, countries have no choice but to give up the trait of development and maybe also revert their civilizations to past conditions. To that, the importance of these surveys not only help companies to shape our future but also let their users get paid from market research. Accordingly, it became a two-way transaction that would benefit our future.

3. Harsh Adaptation


Sadly to say, this kind of scenario will quite often appear when the world lacks market research. With the least amount of development affecting our community, we are forced to stay without our own boundaries and not understanding the idea that something different could possibly be a good thing. This will also limit the open-mindedness of approaching something new and consequently, let people approach anything foreign with first and foremost, a “no” mindset. To add to that, we would also not be able to determine what our current issues are and will probably not see all those revolutionary periods of our time.

4. Modern? More Like Fantasy


Since the concept of the latest product won’t probably appear anytime soon, having a modern lifestyle might never be seen after all. Explorations and adaptations would not happen, due to seeing that there is no point to find out anyway. It can be said that what we are living now might only be seen on books and probably be categorized as a fantasy instead of a science fiction genre. Our lack of ability to create innovative ideas and products will lead us to a world that most people now see as pointless to live in. Why? Because the source to create those sparks and objectives has decreased by a lot.

5. Fewer Achievements


The fact that we know less about the world now than before will reflect on the lack of a revolutionary item or movement. For instance, vaccines are one of the reasons why the human race has successfully extended their life span in the past decade. With restricted knowledge toward that certain path or subject, we may not even have stronger immune systems after all. Life, in general, would be much more complicated and difficult, especially with the factor of investing more time and effort to do one thing than it is now. It is evidently seen that the human race might not be able to survive that long, especially without any “shields”. Just think about it, without all the things that we have right now, it is quite obvious that humans’ physical capabilities could only go so far when compared with other species. We won’t be the one to control the food chain and more or less might not be able to live until 2019.


Hi everyone! What do you think about this article? It’s tough, isn’t it? I tried to put these important points as smoothly as possible but to be frank, those points are just a few out of many possibilities that could happen to us when market research does not exist. I might say that this article specifically might be harder for you to swallow but I can’t focus enough on the fact that market research is inevitable. Of course, some of you might have a different point of view compared to me in regards to those situations but again, I find that getting paid from doing those surveys might also help you earn some pocket money while also help others to understand your reviews. So, I highly encourage you to let your voice be heard and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article as me writing it. I will leave you guys with that and hope you have a great weekend!

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