KC's Paid Survey Journey After Retirement

KC's Paid Survey Journey After Retirement

Feb 20, 2017
Member Feature

Hey, how is the new year treating you? Hope all is well!


To start the year right, PanelPlace decided to feature more survey master members to share some tips and skills with you guys! This time, we have KC, who is the the top earning proof uploader for the past 6 months!


KC is an avid survey taker from Malaysia. In this post, he shares his survey routine and how he earns extra money during his free time! Let’s find out why!


PanelPlace Says Hi: KC



1.           Hi, could you give us an introduction of yourself?

Hi, I am KC from Malaysia. I used to work in banks but retired many years ago. I like jogging and reading. I can spend many hours reading newspapers, magazines, online news or articles every day.


2.           How often do you do surveys?

I do surveys as soon as they are available. The more the better. Sometimes it can be 6 or 7 surveys daily.



3.           What is your favorite Survey Panel and why?

My favorite has to be GlobalTestMarket because it has given me the highest rewards as compare to other survey panels. Some of their gift vouchers are attractive and practical.



4.           Are there any particular survey topics you enjoy doing the most?

I enjoy doing all types of survey topics but I find the survey on beverages particularly interesting.

5.           Could you name a few of the most interesting or unexpected questions you have gotten from a survey? What was your reaction?  

I had one interesting survey about beverages. I learned a lot from that survey as it asked about various brands of beers, the country of origin, the founder, the year the company was founded or when the beer was introduced etc. I was able to use the knowledge to brag to friends during our beer session.

6.           Could you share with us your PanelPlace story?
I started taking paid survey in late 2013 via PanelPlace. I still remembered how excited I was when receiving the RM30.00 Jusco vouchers for the first time. Since then I have been actively participating in many more surveys recommended by PanelPlace and have so far earned more than a few thousand RM worth of vouchers, cash and Paypal credits.


Got some free time? Use it to do paid surveys and earn rewards. Let's Do it!

7.           Have you had any reservations about paid surveys before joining us? Has your thinking changed since?
No, I don’t but my wife has. She never believes in free lunches and always complained I spent too much time in surveys. When I received the Jusco vouchers for the first time, she actually teased me if the vouchers can really be used at the Jusco outlets.
8.           What do you think about paid surveys?
It’s the best discovery I had since I retired. I can spend my time productively and my wife is happily doing her grocery shopping with the Jusco, Giant and Parkson vouchers I earned.
9.           What was the biggest problem you faced when doing paid surveys for multiple survey panels?
I feel very frustrated whenever I am “screen-out” from the survey and there is nothing I can do about it.
10.      What would you tell people who are considering doing Paid Surveys?
You must have the passion and patience as some surveys are really long and tedious.

11.      Is there anything else you would like to say to the PanelPlace community or team?

If possible, I would like to suggest receiving the gift vouchers (e.g. Giant, Jusco, Parkson, etc) in electronic format with the necessary security features for us to print out and use. This will decrease waiting time and prevent lost mails from happening.
Thank you KC for sharing your experience with us! As it is the first time PanelPlace is featuring a retiree, it is indeed an eye-opening read. Survey taking should not be limited to working adults only, retirees and students can do the same too! As for KC, we are happy that online paid surveys managed to reduce his grocery expenses!

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