5 Amazingly Productive Tools for Making Money Online

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5 Amazingly Productive Tools for Making Money Online

Remember how we introduced some of the most brilliant and legitimate ways you can use to earn from home a while back? If you loved it, great news: here’s the follow-up and sequel to that article!

Just a quick recap on what’s discussed previously: before one can start making money online, it is always necessary to have some guts (and a bit of a venturing spirit) to try something new! That’s easier said than done of course; we all know that taking the first step forward is the hardest part.

Hence, for those of you who need some help and inspiration in getting started (and those whom are already working from home, as well); the PanelPlace team has consolidated a list of our favorite, and amazingly handy tools you can use while making money online in a productive manner! We hope that this will help kickstart your journey of earning some extra income online, and now, you are going to learn about some of the most amazing tools there is to help you make money from home.

Without further ado, let’s run through the list, of these 5 amazingly productive tools we can use alongside our online endeavours of making money!

5 Productive Tools For Making Money Online!

1. Outlook App

With all the different email accounts you have, if you are often at a loss of what’s going on, or have trouble getting your schedules together; the Outlook App is definitely a must-try! Not just any simple, good-old calendar app, this app is unique in a way such that it is both an email and calendar app at once. As a series of changes brought about by Microsoft Outlook’s acquisition of Sunrise last October, you can now connect multiple accounts with Outlook aside from the usual Office 365 and Exchange (i.e. Gmail and iCloud and etc.). More exciting changes (like social networks integration, and other simple, elegant and efficient features that Sunrise was known for) will be coming in the near future, and this is really something that can come as handy to you! Set little reminders here and there in your calendar, and know your schedules like the back of your hand to maximise your time while working from home! This can be especially useful for survey takers; helping you to manage all the emails from your subscribed survey panels, or better facilitating your survey taking routine.

2. StayFocusd

A bit of an extreme means perhaps, but a very effective one! Stayfocusd is an extension for Chrome, through which you increase your productivity, by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites. If you think about how many times you end up in Facebook, Twitter or some other site when you are supposed to do work (e.g. freelance article writing, starting an online blog); this extension will be, of no doubt, useful to you in helping to get you to concentrate on work! Be honest with yourself, and add a time limit to all the sites you often waste your time on to improve your productivity now. If you are not a Chrome user, there are also a myriad of similar alternatives that are available to suit your purposes (e.g. SelfControl, FocusMe and Cold Turkey).

3. LastPass

If you are having trouble recalling all that overly complicated and terribly long passwords from time to time; LastPass may just be the very solution to your problem! Consider installing this on the browser or device of your choice to increase your time, efficiency and productivity. After signing in to the extension or app, all your passwords can just be saved and automatically filled in for every website (you just got to remember that one Master Password)! Makes life so much easier, eh?

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4. Google

Of course, with all the fantastic work from home opportunities that are available out there, we must also have a way to organize and keep track of everything. Google Keep is a splendid tool for this; you can add lists, notes, photos and audio to keep here and set reminders for yourself. This is really handy in keeping you afloat amidst all the things you have to do, and helping you to oversee what’s going on here and there.

And that’s all, folks! We hope you all will find the tools listed here useful, and these will be able to help make your journey in making money online a bit easier. Remember though, all these tools are simply but a few ways you can use, but most matters still, is the courage, to take the first step forward and try something new! If you are considering doing online paid surveys as an extra source of income, feel free to sign up with PanelPlace, or check out the new How It Works page to see how you can earn rewards with us! ((:

All the best in your work from home endeavours!

Till the next time,

The PanelPlace Team

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