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Who pays who????

Angela Fields
United States
1 year ago
“I am not convinced this is not a scam. Usually, when a company utilizes someone's automobile to advertise with a wrap or sticker, they pay the owner of the auto to do so. These guys actually charge the automobile owner. If that's not bad enough, the registration process repeatedly flashes special perks for an additional cost. Not only is there an upfront cost associated with this , there is a monthly recurring charge! If you sign up mid-month, you have to wait until the following month to get started. There's a lot of criteria one must do in order to get paid There are A LOT of little things that can prevent someone from being paid their share for any given month but these guys still get their money from the auto owner no matter what! Sounds a little backwards to me. I regret getting involved in this! As for the decal placed on the car, it's not that bad as it goes on the rear window and does not make a car look like a billboard.”