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Excellent Opportunity!
menaa esam
United Arab Emirates
5 months ago
“I saw a lot of YouTube videos recommending this website and I gave it a good try it was super easy to log in and work on but there is not much survey. I think for almost a year for now and i started in the beginning of 2023 now this year is almost done. As I told you before I didn't get a lot of surveys so I think I only had one I gave up on getting more surveys so from using Ipsos iSay daily I changed to monthly.

You can change your points to an Amazon gift card so this is so useful. But as I said before there are no surveys at least for me now it's almost 1 year I have done only 1 survey.

I think IPSOS ISAY is a good website but the only problem is the survey number so yes that's at.

Date of this experience: 2023-12-11”
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