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The worst survey site

Sandrea MCCREA
United States
2 months ago
“I joined online almost six months to a year ago. I don't believe they are legitimate

Approximately 6 months to a year I stopped for a while but they kept sending me emails

In the beginning I used them quite frequently until I realized that every time I had supposedly completed something even from the survey provider they would say that I was screened out or it was denied that I believe is a lot

Nothing they will say that you did not complete something when the survey provider will say that you did and thank you. i finally was able to cash out after over 6 months for a whopping $6.80. well it's been almost a week and it still listed as pending no one answers the phone no one replies to my request my emails the phone stays busy 24 hours a day I don't know what to do I'm basically at the end of my work with them because I do not believe it they are honest or legitimate

See above. You will probably never get your money after months it takes to reach the threshold.

Not at all I would not have that on my conscience that I would put somebody through the same hell that I've been through and it's ridiculous if they don't see the error of their wings but they expect people to stay with them on your site it's Paramount to stealing

Date of this experience: 2024-02-24”
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