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Easy to register
Mobile device friendly
Overall experience
Worth to try

Buyer beware - requires you to have CRO tokens.

Good Opportunity!
Andrew Thurlow
Viet Nam
10 months ago
“I used at the recommendation of a friend. I purchased the minimum required CRO to get a credit card and used that card online for netflix. I tried to use it for other things to get a CRO rebate but found very few things I could get rebates for. The biggest problems with is that the CRO token is so unstable the minimum amount I added which I was promised 6.7% APY on fell by 85% and my stake and interest are now minimal or lost. The app was easy to use and the system seems to follow good financial regulation.”
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easy to learn and fun to do when you have free time .

Superb Opportunity!
Dayaun Lanford
United States
2 years ago
“i used Crypto to help me learn how to manage stocks. once i got the hang of it, it became easy . I never thought that i needed to learn that type of information when it came to investments but i'm glad that i did & im glad that crypto was there to help .”

Unfortunate experience

Very Good Opportunity!
Rawia Alzaki
United Arab Emirates
3 years ago
“I was very excited to register for the application, and to get down to business and experience the thrill of being a Crypto user, but unfortunately I got disappointed that it is restricted in the country where I live.”