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A great website for new and used books.

Superb Opportunity!
David Downunder
3 weeks ago
“I got to know Better World Books by searching for used books online. Used books sites/stores are hard to come by these days, now we are in the digital age. Even more rare is finding a book you need to complete your collection. Better World Books has a great selection to browse by.

I have just started using Better World Books. I know that I will keep coming back. I have just started using Better World Books, but, I will definitely be visiting again to find great bargains.

Making purchases for yourself and knowing a person in need is getting a book to read through a donation also.
Discounts for buying many books as well as promotions to cut cost.
A wide selection of categories to choose from.

While being mostly a used book site it does not have every book title that you need. However, it still has a great selection and is added to all the time.
The cost is more then I usually pay for used books in op-shop/thrift stores.

With every book purchased Better World Books donates a book to someone in need.
If it is a wide variety of books and in-deep selection of categories you want then this site is great for any reader or literary enthusiast.
Discounts, promotions and Rewards for those who want to go further in getting better bang for your buck.

Date of this experience: 2024-05-27”
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exploring the world of better world books

Superb Opportunity!
martina atallah
5 months ago
“I learned about better world books through online research and recommendations from fellow book enthusiasts.

I started using better world books about a year ago, and I have been consistently using it ever since. I use it regularly, typically making purchases every few weeks to build my book collection.

The most useful aspect of Better World Books for me is the wide selection of affordable books, including used ones. It's a convenient platform for building my library while supporting literacy initiatives globally.

One aspect I find less favorable is that some used books may have varying conditions, and occasionally, the descriptions may not fully capture the book's actual state.

I would recommend Better World Books to others for its extensive book collection, affordable prices, and the added benefit of supporting global literacy initiatives with each purchase. It's a meaningful way to build your library while contributing to a good cause.

Date of this experience: 2023-12-13”
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Berbelanja buku dengan mudah

Superb Opportunity!
Fadillah Sri utami
1 year ago
“Kini aku sudah tidak perlu ke toko buku untuk berbelanja buku yg aku sukai, aku tinggal buka aplikasi ini dan memesan nya. Aku juga bisa menyumbangkan buku ku yg sudah tidak aku baca lagi melalui aplikasi ini, ini adalah aplikasi yg luar biasa”