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Ahmad Zaid Nazari
3 months ago
“To answer the question of how I got to know Airbnb, I relied on recommendations from my friends and conducted online investigation.

1. Recommendations from friends:
- Some of my friends had used Airbnb for their vacations and highly recommended it.
- They shared their positive experiences, such as finding unique and affordable accommodations, meeting friendly hosts, and having a more authentic travel experience.
- Their recommendations made me curious to explore Airbnb for myself.

2. Online investigation:
- I visited the Airbnb website and read about their concept and services.
- I also looked for reviews and testimonials from other travelers who had used Airbnb.
- Many online platforms, such as travel blogs, forums, and social media, provided insights and opinions about Airbnb.
- The majority of the reviews were positive, highlighting the ease of booking, the variety of accommodations available, and the overall satisfaction with the service.

Combining the recommendations from my friends and the positive feedback I found during my online investigation, I became convinced that Airbnb was a reliable and convenient platform for finding accommodations during my travels.

I started using Airbnb in 2019 and have been using it continuously since then. It has been my go-to platform for finding accommodations during my travels. I have used Airbnb for various trips, ranging from short weekend getaways to longer vacations. The convenience, affordability, and unique options available on Airbnb have made it my preferred choice for accommodation booking.

I use Airbnb frequently, especially during the summer, winter, and New Year school holidays when I need to travel to other cities for various activities, such as visa applications at embassies. During these peak travel times, I rely on Airbnb to find suitable accommodations that meet my needs and preferences. The flexibility and variety of options available on Airbnb make it a convenient choice for me when planning my trips.

The most useful aspect of Airbnb for me is its speed, accuracy, and ease of use. The platform allows me to quickly search for accommodations based on my desired location, dates, and preferences. The search results are accurate and provide comprehensive information about the place of residence, including photos, amenities, and reviews from previous guests. This helps me make an informed decision and ensures that the accommodation meets my needs and expectations.

Additionally, Airbnb offers a wide range of options, from budget-friendly rooms to luxurious apartments, giving me the flexibility to choose an accommodation that fits my budget and preferences. The platform also provides a quick response from hosts, allowing me to communicate and clarify any questions or concerns I may have before making a booking.

Overall, Airbnb's combination of speed, accuracy, easy-to-use interface, quick response from hosts, and comprehensive information about the place of residence make it a highly useful platform for finding and booking accommodations.

One potential dislike about Airbnb is that sometimes the prices can be high. While the platform offers a range of accommodations at different price points, there may be instances where the prices are higher than expected or compared to other options. This can be a drawback for budget-conscious travelers or those looking for more affordable options. It is important to carefully review the prices and compare them with other accommodation options before making a booking on Airbnb.

I would recommend Airbnb to others based on the following reasons:

1. Wide range of accommodations: Airbnb offers a diverse selection of accommodations, ranging from apartments and houses to unique and unconventional options like treehouses, yurts, and boats. This variety allows travelers to find accommodations that suit their preferences and needs, whether they are looking for a cozy apartment in the city or a secluded cabin in the mountains.

2. Authentic travel experiences: Staying in an Airbnb allows travelers to experience a destination like a local. The accommodations are often located in residential neighborhoods, giving travelers a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and lifestyle. Additionally, many hosts provide recommendations and tips on local attractions, restaurants, and hidden gems, enhancing the overall travel experience.

3. Cost-effective options: Airbnb can be a more affordable alternative to traditional hotels, especially for longer stays or when traveling with a group. The platform offers a range of accommodations at different price points, allowing travelers to find options that fit their budget. Additionally, having access to a kitchen in many Airbnb properties can help save money on dining out.

4. Personalized and unique experiences: Airbnb accommodations often have a personal touch, reflecting the style and personality of the hosts. This can create a more intimate and unique experience compared to standardized hotel rooms. From cozy and stylish interiors to special amenities and local recommendations, Airbnb hosts often go the extra mile to make their guests feel welcome and comfortable.

5. Easy and secure booking process: Airbnb provides a user-friendly platform for searching, booking, and managing accommodations. The booking process is straightforward, and the platform offers secure payment options and reliable customer support. Additionally, the reviews and ratings from previous guests provide transparency and help ensure the quality and reliability of the accommodations.

Overall, I highly recommend Airbnb to others due to its wide range of accommodations, authentic travel experiences, cost-effectiveness, personalized experiences, and easy booking process. It is a great option for those looking for unique and memorable stays during their travels.

Date of this experience: 2023-12-22”
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