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Excellent Opportunity!
nina jame
1 month ago
“Using adidas official online store, be it on website or via application, make your life easier to overview any type of shoes you are currently look for. The tagging, pricing, colour, shoes type and size are easy to read and to choose. Especially during sale period where you can focus not only on the sale products, but also the normal price product within the same type. So if somehow you are really in love with one product and colour and its not on sale, you will take time to buy it later.

The online store is good for quality-oriented customer which will took time to search for the right shoe and purpose. It's also beneficial for a-sale-treasure-customer-like-me which can anticipate on the sale product earlier than them whom not having access to the app directly. We can check the shoe size properly and take our time to measure the feet size precisely, then decide to choose the proper sizing. Sizing difference have been forever problem for toddler and kids, and this type of purchasing embrace this difficulty, also to make sure that the kids agree to buy the chosen shoe design and colour. Good deal for busy mother with kids.

Other than the quick and easy tools to purchase adidas original product, the system also provides online customer service and free delivery fee to anywhere in Indonesia. We can also track the delivery stage directly and when it took too long at any stage of the packaging, we can just call the one clicks customer service for any query or confirmation.

I have purchased three shoes within the past 12 months with very attractive price and never had any issue. The shoe box was one of the reasons that it never got broken or in bad quality when arrived at home although we know it had been travels to many places. No bad experience ever encountered overall except during the very attractive sale period, when the loading of the app got slower, and it kept the information of the chosen shoe availability become a minute or so late update. Sometimes we just missed the last item shoe 5 minutes later when we wait for the app to look normal but that’s just it is what it is.”