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Norstatpanel United Kingdom Quick Overview

Norstatpanel (previously known as Opinion people) is a project of Norstat UK Ltd., a provider of online market research services. Norstat UK Ltd. collects data by means of online surveys from online access panels - a group of registered internet users who have agreed to take part in market research surveys and opinion polls at regular or irregular intervals.

Membership with opinion people is completely free and non-binding and may be cancelled at any time. As a member you are regularly invited to take part in questionnaires and studies.

Participation in Norstatpanel is by invitation only. Invitations for membership of Norstatpanel are issued by us in a random process specific to market research and are not issued on request. Anyone who is resident in Europe, is 16 years of age or above and has access to the internet may become a member of Norstatpanel. Membership is free and non-binding and may be cancelled at any time. Any personal data held on the member shall be deleted without delay upon cancellation of membership. Members who have not completed a survey for 6 months will be contacted to confirm their continued interest in remaining a member of Norstatpanel. If the member does not react, the membership status will be set to "Inactive" and all Norstat Coins will expire.

Reward Types

Norstatpanel United Kingdom Opportunities Overview

Your opinions matter. By participating in Norstatpanel surveys, you have societal influence. To show our gratitude, we reward you for participating in surveys.

Complete surveys and redeem your points with various options. There are several different options for redemption, demanding a different amount of Norstat Coins.

Choose among our selection of gift cards, use digital coupons in local stores or plant a tree and make our planet greener. As you respond to more surveys, you unlock new benefits!