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MrSurvey is an online paid survey site. You will receive new surveys every day to complete to earn Mistiz . When you have collected MZ , you can exchange them for cash.

By registering, you will receive online surveys to complete based on your profile and interests. Each participant receives a reward for each completed survey, which varies depending on the time required to complete the survey, or the difficulty level of the survey.

Companies that commission these surveys may use the results to improve their products, services or policies, or to better understand their customers and target market. Participants can also take the opportunity to share their opinions and influence business decisions.

Reward Types
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Once you join MrSurvey , you will be offered rewards in the form of points (“ Mistiz ( MZ ) ”). Our surveys allow you to earn Mistiz ( MZ ) by answering them. It will be clearly indicated on the Site, at the beginning of the survey or in the invitation sent by e-mail that you will receive from us.

Mistiz ( MZ ) can then be converted into gift vouchers or Paypal transfer.

Other types of compensation from MrSurvey may also be granted to you depending on the different Activities you perform on the Site.

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Superb Opportunity!
Phuti Mogano
South Africa
5 days ago
“ I got to know Through a link on a YouTube ad , and it caught my interest. I have been using For like 3 months and I have been getting the hang of it. I use it 3 times a week, on a busy week but on slow weeks about 4 times.

Most useful about is The convenience and reliability of the site and accuracy. But Takes time to process and it might be frustrating but it’s worth it.

Yes, it’s an site to find information that is accessible and accurate.

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