Take control, diversify your portfolio, and increase your passive income by investing in farmland with an all-in-one investment platform.

FarmTogether Worldwide Quick Overview

FarmTogether is a technology-enabled farmland investment platform that provides investors with direct access to farmland as an asset class.

Why Investors Choose Us?
- Carefully Curated Farmland
Our team only selects properties that we ourselves will invest in. Using our proprietary technology and decades of experience we sift through hundreds of opportunities to select only the best ones.

- Top-Tier Investments
Access to an emerging asset class via an institutional investment team with commitments starting as low as $10,000.

- Competitive Returns
We target investment opportunities that can offer 7 - 13% returns with 3 - 9% cash yields - all net of fees.

Who Invests in Farmland With FarmTogether?
- Accredited Investors
Thousands of our investors are getting access to carefully selected, expertly curated farmland with a detailed investment thesis, online reporting and regular income payouts.

- Wealth Managers & Registered Investment Advisors
FarmTogether can assist you in purchasing farmland for your clients. Professional service providers like wealth managers, registered investment advisors, lawyers and accountants, use FarmTogether to plan a better financial future for their clients.

FarmTogether Worldwide Opportunities Overview

FarmTogether is a technology-enabled farmland investment platform that will make it easy for anybody to directly invest in institutional-quality farmland.

Achieve Stable Growth Through Economic Cycles
Farmland has low volatility as compared to most other asset classes. It provides stability for investors, especially during adverse market conditions. The NCREIF farmland index hasn’t had a negative year since 1991.

- Look Beyond Stocks and Bonds
Farmland's uncorrelated returns compared to traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds offer welcome diversification, especially during stock market downturns.

- Protect Against Inflation
No investment offers a hedge against inflation like farmland, not even the most popular one - gold.

- Grow Your Wealth Wisely
Farmland has demonstrated strong absolute returns over the past several decades. It averaged ~10% total annual returns (income + price appreciation) from 1992 to 2018.

- Carefully Curated Institutional-Grade Farmland
From the east to the west coast, from permanent crops like nut and fruit trees, to row crops like corn and soybeans. FarmTogether offer the best of the best, curated to fit a range of portfolio needs.

The increasing scarcity of farmland and its lack of correlation with other asset classes make it an exceptionally strong diversification tool for virtually any portfolio. This has driven institutions to significantly increase their investments in farmland over the last 30 years.


The web interface very excites me.

Superb Opportunity!
Muhammad Faris Asyraf Bin Khalid
3 months ago
“I’m looking for long investment. What I see from FarmTogether is they provide the investor no matter who you are even, an individual with has less than 200,000 dollar income can join the investment. They also put an interactive track record so you can track your progress on investment”

Best investment platform.

Superb Opportunity!
Thiviya Shanmugam
3 months ago
“It’s very reliable platform as they gives us very prominent views regarding the investment. Moreover, I gain so much of knowledge via this FarmTogether. I spent 12 hours here on their website just to gain my knowledge and in the end it is very useful for me and my life.”

Its easy to access this site this is mobile friendly website

Very Good Opportunity!
Aniket Gohel
7 months ago
“FarmTogether is a technology-enabled farmland investment platform that provides investors with direct access to farmland as an asset class.They take care of their stock market, stock holder. Investment starting low as $15000.”

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