Automatically lower your energy bill, make better choices for your wallet and the planet. Take 2 minutes to join thousands of others who are saving on average $544 per year.

Arbor United States Quick Overview

About Arbor - Lowering the cost of home energy for people and the planet
These days, there are more ways to save energy than ever, and more reasons to save, too. But finding the right options isn’t easy, and the market is full of unsavory sales practices.

We’re working to give everyone with an energy bill the insights they need to use less energy and live more sustainably.

Our business model puts your interests first
Energy rates are complicated, and deals that look good often come with a lot of traps buried in the fine print. But we believe everyone deserves access to renewable energy at a fair price. That’s why our platform is free for Arbor energy customers, and always will be.

But just as importantly, we believe our customers deserve our respect. A free product doesn’t have to come at the expense of your privacy and peace of mind. When you link your energy account, your data is encrypted and subject to strict access controls. And we never share your personal information with third parties without your explicit consent.

How we keep the lights on
Arbor makes money when you choose to do business with one of our partners. For instance, when you use Arbor to switch to a new energy provider (or just buy some new light bulbs), we make a commission on the sale.

This doesn’t affect the price you pay: it’s a normal part of our partners’ marketing expenses.

How Arbor energy works

1. Link: Link your electric account so that we can see what current rate you are on.
2. Switch: We will handle the paperwork once we find you a lower fixed rate than your current rate.
3. Save: Sit back and track your monthly savings on your Arbor dashboard.

Arbor United States Opportunities Overview

Benefits of using Arbor - Savings made easy
We're not a utility or energy supplier. As your energy advisor, our only goal is to help you save without a hassle.

✔ No service interruptions
There's no service interruption or change in the reliability of your power. Just pay the same utility bill, with a new rate.

✔ 100% free
Our energy supply partners pay us so you don’t have to, and we only get paid when you choose to switch to a new rate.

✔ Cancel anytime
Cancel your new rate anytime. If there’s an early termination fee that you pay, we’ll reimburse you for it, no questions asked.

✔ Easy & seamless
We handle all the busy work of finding and enrolling you in a new rate. No more confusing fine print, long phone calls, or annoying forms.

Start saving on your energy bills today with Arbor - you're making better choices for your wallet and the planet with lower rates on your electric bill. Make a switch with Arbor today!


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Excellent Opportunity!
United States
3 months ago
“Saya tahu Arbor dari teman saya, yang meyakinkan saya agar percaya.

2023 Saya menggunakan Arbor sudah lebih dari satu tahun. 3 kali seming di karena kansibuk kerja yang padat, dan ketika ada waktu luang saya pasti menggunakan Arbor.

Fitur yang sangat berfungsi , dan pengguna nya sangat ramah. Tampilan UI nya terlalu sederhana, tolong update lagi agar pengguna nya betah.

Ssya yakin ketika saya merekomendasikan ke teman/keluarga saya mereka akan antusias.

Date of this experience: 2024-04-16”
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