When You Wish Upon A Cake


When You Wish Upon A Cake


Guys! It’s our BIRTHDAY!!! So, we definitely have to share our joy with you guys right?

As you all know from the previous promotion, our anniversary is coming up soon. Time is ticking y’all and we have no idea how we should celebrate it. So a birthday needs cakes and candles right?

The thing is, we got the candles... but not the cake. Goodness gracious this is freaking hard! You know what, why don’t you guys help us decide which cake should we pick for our party? Sounds like a deal? This is really simple, guys. All you have to do is to pick the cakes (can be more than 1) that would suit us the most or if it’s too hard, what would be your go-to birthday cake? Let us know in the link below :)

In this promotion, we will pick 20 randomly-generated winners from the most upvoted cake. Each winner will be awarded USD $10 each! I mean, voting for cake and having a chance to earn USD $10? What’s not to lose?


How Do I Take Part? 

Step 1: Click "START" below.

Step 2: Help us to pick from the list of cakes available.

Step 3: Submit the entry.



  1. This promotion runs for 3 weeks only.

  2. Promotion Period: 1 November  2017 - 26 November 2017.

  3. Total Value of Prizes: USD 200; 20 prizes of USD $10 each.

  4. Winners will be contacted via email, and listed on the bottom of this page.

  5. Your entry must be submitted completely to be eligible for the promotion.

  6. If you have trouble submitting your entry, kindly contact our support team at [email protected] for assistance.


When You Wish Upon A Cake


When You Wish Upon A Cake




  1. Find your Member ID # Here.
  2. Promotion Period: 1 November 2017 - 26 November 2017.
  3. The 10 winners will be chosen from the top scorers.
  4. Total Value of Prizes: USD 200 (The chosen 20 participants will receive a cash prize of USD 10 each).
  5. Winners will be contacted via email, and listed on the bottom of this page.
  6. Each participant can take part in the quiz only once. 
  7. If you are unable to see or participate in the comments below, kindly contact our support team at [email protected] for assistance.
  8. Please be aware that all of the cake pictures we are using are from famous cake shops across Singapore. 

​  ~When You Wish Upon A Cake~

Official Terms & Conditions



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Prize Draw Winners

# Member# Name Country
1 1509511235 Khairul Haziq Omar Singapore
2 1509779968 Thejus rishna India
3 1509637172 Noraini Nordin Malaysia
4 1507379364 Zubaidah Tukiran Malaysia
5 1503118410 Sanobar Shaikh India
6 1505933388 Nicholas Suhadi Indonesia
7 1382253307 Krys W New Zealand
8 1509015213 Theresa sheahan Australia
9 1509846772 Dante Luntao Philippines
10 1510020213 Haoming Li Singapore
11 1507083595 Marijoy Doctolero Philippines
12 5960107 Georgina Great Britain
13 1462565127 Jack Kagan United States
14 1483692687 Hini Spain
15 1492652493 Carol Pickron United States
16 1508244308 Carlos Spain
17 1509121761 Wayne Jennette Thailand
18 8822951 Greg Canada
19 1269959655 Pierre Chabot Canada
20 1269966274 Sabine Burdeyron-Dyster Great Britain


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