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Protect your family, future and savings with new takaful solutions from FWD Takaful Malaysia – with more coverage, hassle free, and perks that give you the most value for your contributions.

FWD Malaysia Malaysia Quick Overview

FWD is a pan-Asian insurance brand that currently serves more than 5 million customers across nine markets. We are focused on creating fresh customer experiences, with easy-to-understand products, supported by digital technology. At FWD, we want you to enjoy the best years of your life – with the confidence that should anything happen, we’ve got your back.

Spanning across Hong Kong & Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, and now Malaysia, we have a vision to change the way people feel about takaful in Malaysia. We offer shariah compliant investment and insurance.

FWD Takaful Berhad, Registration No. 200601011780 (731530-M) is a family takaful operator in Malaysia. Its shareholders are FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (an FWD Group company), JAB Capital Berhad and Employee Provident Fund Board of Malaysia (EPF).

- About Takaful
Takaful is financial planning and protection that’s compatible with Islamic law.

Takaful concepts have always been practised in one form or another for most of the history of Islam. The word Takaful is derived from the Arabic verb kafala, which means to take care of one's needs.

If you take up a takaful certificate, your money or donation is pooled with that of others, and managed on your behalf by a takaful operator.

Losses are divided and liabilities are spread. Should someone suffer a covered loss, the payment of takaful benefit will be borne by a common pool of fund – known as ‘tabarru’ fund’.

So in effect Takaful is a co-operative for members of society based on the principles of solidarity, risk sharing and brotherhood.

FWD Malaysia Malaysia Opportunities Overview

At FWD we offer takaful plans that can get you covered effortlessly:

1. FWD Family First
Critical illness (CI) protection for the entire family in one single plan.
✔ Multiple CI cover: Flexibility to claim up to 3 times without any waiting period between claims
✔ Adaptable: All-in-one coverage plan with flexibility to your future newborn children
✔ 250% of Sum Covered: Overall coverage of 250% of sum covered for your family to claim from
Any covered family member can claim the following conditions:
- 36 major critical illnesses x 1 (100% of the sum covered is paid)
- 20 minor critical illnesses x 2 (25% of the sum covered is paid*)
*We pay RM25,000 or 10% of the sum covered (whichever is lower) for angioplasty and other invasive treatments for coronary artery disease.

2. FWD Future First
Designed to protect your loved ones emotionally as well as financially.
✔ Badal Hajj: To fulfil your religious duty even if you are personally unable to
✔ Hibah (Gift): Protect your loved ones’ future without complex inheritance procedures
✔ Value for money: Big coverage at an affordable price​
Get coverage for:
✔ Death benefit: The full sum covered will be paid to your nominees
✔ Total and Permanent Disability (TPD): The full sum covered will be paid which can be used for long term nursing care etc.
✔ Terminal Illness (TI): The full sum covered will be paid and can be used for your hospice care.

3. FWD CI First
Provides a lump sum cash payment in the event of a major illness.
✔ Critical Illness and Lifestyle Impact Benefit: Not only early to advance stages of CI is covered, we also focus on covering the impact to the patient.
✔ Waiver of Contribution: Contribution will be waived upon 50% of the sum covered claim paid and the certificate will remain in force until maturity
✔ Optional Maturity Reward Benefit: 100% of the total contribution paid upon maturity provided no claims have been made during the coverage term

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