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What is Market Research Paid Survey?

Brands and companies do market research to get feedback and understand consumers’ reactions towards their product or service. In exchange for the time and honest thoughts on a product or service, market research companies reward survey respondents for participating in research studies as a token of appreciation. Generally, surveys that involve rewards or incentives are known as paid surveys.

What is a Survey Panel?

A survey panel is a group of registered respondents who are willing to participate in surveys or customer feedback sessions. It's also known as a research panel or research community. Some of the common terms used in the industry are “online survey panels”, “market research company”, “survey respondent” and “panellist”.

Online survey panels/community - An online community of registered respondents who have expressed willingness to participate in surveys and/or customer feedback sessions.

Market Research Company - The company that conducts market research studies. Some market research companies own and operate their survey panels too, such as Nielsen and Ipsos.

Survey Respondent / Survey Participant - Survey taker who answers to surveys and share their opinions about the research topic

Panellist - A survey respondent within a survey panel. Survey respondents become a "panellist" by completing a profiling questionnaire from the survey panels. The data collected may include demographics, lifestyle characteristics and media habits which provides a basis for future survey participation.

What are the benefits of joining Survey Panel as a survey respondent?

The biggest benefit gained from joining a survey panel is having access to more survey-taking opportunities that allow you to earn more money via paid surveys. Many research companies utilize digital wallet such as PayPal to transfer cash rewards to their respondents. Besides cash, there are other types of rewards such as vouchers, e-vouchers, gift cards and many more. Other than earning extra money, online panel members also gained non-monetary benefits such as acquiring new knowledge and trying new products.

What are the considerations when signing up with a Survey Panel?

Clear company information & contact details: Genuine survey panel displays clear company and contact information. If a survey website does not have a clear profile of itself, something is fishy.

No upfront membership fee: Legitimate survey companies are all free to join and they shall pay you for doing surveys instead of you paying them. Stay cautious of paid survey websites that demand you to pay a membership fee to join.

No guarantee of quick earnings: Doing paid surveys requires effort and it will take time. Credible survey companies will not guarantee you a high earning of hundred dollars instantly.

No unbelievable rewards: When you notice that the offer seems too good to be true, it's probably a scam. Be careful especially when they request for sensitive personal information in order to qualify for rewards.

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