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Online Paid Surveys 

10 Successful Tips for Survey Taking

Since we always get the question on how to become a better survey taker and how to earn more while doing so, we decided to list down few pointers that will help you in taking full advantage of paid survey opportunities.

BY Viva Villapena / 30 Dec 2015 / 10 min read
Lets Talk PanelPlace 

Starter's Guide On Being A PanelPlace Member

With the modern lifestyle that everyone is now facing, we all want to get that chance to work at your convenience and earn while doing so. Here, we’ll try to go in a quick but informational whip on how this money-making opportunity goes.

BY Viva Villapena / 23 Dec 2015
Online Paid Surveys 

Understanding How Paid Survey Works

Doing online paid survey is a sure great opportunity to earn money. The convenience of it being online means you can answer the survey at your own pace. For the curious minds out there who want to try it out, here’s a quick look on how an online paid survey really works.

BY Viva Villapena / 15 Dec 2015
Online Paid Surveys 

How Paid Survey Started?

In simple terms, "Paid Survey" means is getting paid for giving your opinion on a product or service. It’s a way for brands to understand what the people think of their offers and how they can improve. As a thank you for the honest feedback, the survey takers are rewarded with compensation, products, vouchers, or other forms of rewards.

BY Viva Villapena / 3 Dec 2015 / 10 Min
Lets Talk PanelPlace 

PanelPlace's Successful Roadshow at SITEX 2015

The much-awaited SITEX 2015 has taken place last week at the Expo Convention Centre. As it was a popular and exciting event, the crowd will not simply miss out this opportunity to dive into SITEX. This is one of the reasons why PanelPlace also jumped in to be part of the exhibition.

BY Viva Villapena / 3 Dec 2015
Lets Talk PanelPlace 

ZALORA Singapore collaborates with PanelPlace to conduct market in Singapore

PanelPlace is pleased to collaborate with ZALORA Singapore on a joint survey that will study online fashion retail trends.

BY You Fei Chan / 16 Jul 2013