6 Impactful Ways The Internet Changed Our Life!

6 Impactful Ways The Internet Changed Our Life!

It is important for Millennials to know the shortcuts and hacks to this newly introduced technology (aka. Phones, tablets, you name it), but did you know that internet was first introduced to the world at 1991? Or the fact that there are more than 3.74 billion internet users and 1.24 billion websites? To many youngsters, it’s literally not a big deal, but just imagine what happened to the baby boomers when they were first introduced to the internet?

I’d say, we need to be glad that we have the Internet. It just makes life easier, don’t you think so? Most people from the baby boomers generation or above doesn’t even know the name of the current generation, while we can just look it up on Google and Generation Alpha appeared. Now we have blogs, social media, YouTube, and many more for entertainment while people in the generation before us didn’t even bring an iPad or iPhone as they went outside to play. To whoever that invented these new products, I think they deserve a pat on the back.

Despite the generation gap may be too far, why don’t we move on and see the importance of being an internet savvy person? We’ve heard a lot of negative points and see a lot of haters on the internet, so don’t you think this is the time to at least give them some credits?

6 Life Changes After We Have Internet!

1. Connecting with Others


Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, YouTube, and LinkedIn grants your wish to connect with people. Some of them are your friends and family, while others are artists or idols you follow. By having those facilities, don’t you think that you’re at least one step closer to your favourite stars? You could also contact your friends wherever they are. No need to write letters and buy those postage stamps anymore, just open one of those tools and start chatting. This also affects business and networking with other people. In addition, for those of you who like to know other people’s business, this is a great way to stalk people (right?)

2. Being Up to Date


The fact that there are so many news feeds, you probably can’t keep up with the overwhelming amounts of posts and videos daily. How about you look at it this way, you could at least know what’s happening in the world on the palm of your hand. Some show news of natural disasters, some posts what style or makeup are trending now, while others post 10 things dogs do that we think are adorable. The fact that you can see them as you scroll is just as powerful as a person believing that someone can levitate on air.

3. Keeping All of Your Data in One Place


For y’all who used to save files in floppy disks and hard drives, transferring data is definitely a pain in the butt. As you got introduced to USB, you felt that the gates of heaven had opened. Then you either lost the cap of the USB or just the whole thing altogether and of course, it becomes a first world problem. Now, we don’t even need to carry flash drive everywhere. There is this thing called google docs, sheets, slides, etc… As long as you have wifi, you’re golden. Not to say that you should keep your important files there, but it’s a great alternative.

4. Finding Money Opportunities


It is true that the internet is like another world that has its own societies. Like the world we live in, there are many shady corners. Similar to the diseases in the real world, the internet also has viruses that may damage your technology (In other words, it ruins you one way or another). Many advertisements that relate to money making might be sketchy but again, there are many opportunities to earn money (or bitcoin). Some are looking through job offerings online or others where you use sites (like PanelPlace) that are able to help you getting extra earnings.

5. Discovering everything on the Internet


Many people will think the negative way of this topic but don’t you see, everything you need to know is there. Not to say that it’s bad, but if you’re at school, this helps a lot. I’d say, internet got your back at tough times. Other than that, you don’t need to read the full instructions to assemble a table, just go to YouTube and watch the tutorial. Can’t lie, those slime videos that are trending right now are definitely satisfying (might be one of my guilty pleasures, to be honest).

6. Having Cookies


Don’t you just love em? Especially when it’s the traditional chocolate chip cookies? Wait, that’s not right. These cookies are different than the ones you eat (it’s ok, I’m sad too). Many people ignore cookies, but it might be the reason why everything on the web is suddenly tailored to you. Haven’t you ever wondered why all your searches are customized and all directed towards your interests? Trust me, there was this one time where the ad popped up before I even searched for the product. Naturally, like every normal human being, I freaked out and was convinced that someone was spying on me through the web and customize my searches (normal right? No? Ow, nevermind then…)

What Are Some Other Ways Did The Internet Changed Our Life?

To sum things up, these are the advantages of the wonderful world of internet. We all know, some are too dramatic for y’all to handle, but adding a little spice won’t hurt right?

I hope that you enjoy this article like the previous one and will definitely strive to make a better context for our next one. Trust me, it’s coming soon!


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