Let's Talk PanelPlace: Welcome To Our Halloween Party

Welcome to our Halloween Party! After testing most of your eyesight in September, “We Dare Your Eyes”. For October, the month whereby terrifying monsters and mystical creatures such as witches and vampires could stroll down the streets cheerfully while blending in the rest of the humans peacefully.It’s Halloween! In these few years, we have organized numerous promotions related to this spookiest season as well. Do you remember our “Would You Rather: Dilemma” and “Spooky Short Stories”?

In 2018, we brought back one of our classic and well-liked games, “Would You Rather”, again with a second edition! For this promotion, we have prepared 10 frightening and entertaining “Would You Rather” questions that would scare most of you out!

With 5452 bold adventurers participating knocking onto our Halloween party’s door, who are the 20 survivors that survived through this scary yet enjoyable event?

Carry your round orange pumpkin, it’s time for trick or treats!

Question #1

It's Halloween! You are going to a party, what is your costume?


Answer: A Hidden Ninja

Greg Cipes - “Every Halloween, I was a Ninja Turtle, Mikey was my favourite. The ninja turtles really made me who I am today. Martial arts, meditation and even skateboarding. One of the greatest influences in my life.”

Ninja and martial arts are highly associated with each other. They are who is always prepared to assassinate their enemy with their legendary skills such as walking on water and even the famous invisibility. When a mission is given, they would definitely complete it 100%!

Are you part of this secretive yet powerful ninja community here at our Halloween party too? Out of the 5452 brave individuals, 33% of them has decided to dress as a ninja.

Question #2

Who Will You Choose As Your Halloween Partner?


Answer: An Attractive Vampire

Maria Sharapova - “It’s easy to impress me. I don’t need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. I’m happy, satisfied and content”.

That’s right! A fantastic party would be magnificent without having your good friends with you enjoying what you are experiencing. Who would you like to invite to our Halloween party the most? On a side note, which spooky monster would be the most popular partner to bring along? Among our daring community, 44% of them has chosen The Attractive Vampire as their ideal partner!

On televisions or movies, vampires were usually portrayed as a charismatic and strong image that captures most of the audience's heart. Just like Damon Salvatore from “The Vampire Diaries” and our well-known Edward Cullen from our romantic “Twilight”.

Remember to clear your breaths and not eat any kinds of garlic while enjoying this Halloween party since it is one of their arch enemies!

Question #3

Kindly, Your Partner Serves You A Drink. Which One Would You Accept?


Answer: Red Gooey Fruit Punch Full of Bat Wings

Luke Evans - “Vampires were always able to transform into creatures of the night. Bats has always been associated with vampires. Using darkness to their own advantage.”

As quotes by Luke Evans, vampires and bat has always been a classic pair. The majority (39% of our 5452) of our brave discovers has decided to take a drink of red gooey fruit punch with bat wings! It is such a daring choice!

Do remember to greet your friends with a drink in your hands since this could be one of the most daring drinks that you will remember!

Question #4

Your Partner Would Like to Get to Know You Know, How Would You Interact With Them?


Answer: Go to a Creepy Movie Night Together

Normani Kordei - “I really love scary movies, so I am all about Halloween.”

What are any other better ways we could strengthen our date with our charming monster partners during Halloween? That’s right, it is none another than going to a creepy movie night together! 2240 (41%) of our brave and fearless invitees are ready to purchase their movie tickets at a cinema for a scary movie!

Otherwise, the two of you could just watch some creepy movies via Netflix. It definitely will be an interesting experience. Remember to prepare some yummy popcorns!

Question #5:

To Commemorate This Special Day, Your Partner Bought You a Gift You Hope It's...


Answer: The Witch's Bottle of Wicked and Poisonous Toxic

Roald Dahl - “For all you know, a witch may be living next door to you right now. Poisonous potions in the minding.”

Have you always dream of making a pot of deadly potions with different stomach-churning ingredients such as lizard tails, bat wings and eyeballs that are available in the witch research lab? Well, most of these brave individuals (38%) want to obtain one bottle of the witch’s precious masterpiece too!

Which ability do you hope the bottle consists of? Perhaps, future predictions will be an amazing power to gain!

Question #6:

Your Partner Have Decided Your Main Course In Advance, You Pray That It Would Be…


Answer: A Bowl of Chicken Blood With a Slice of Bread

Monica Seles - “Life is not worth living if I cannot have pasta or bread again.”

A bowl of chicken blood with a slice of bread is the most popular main dishes our adventurous individual hoped their partner will be serving (3024 votes). Likewise, I would have picked out of the options given too. At least there is a slice of bread which is consumable.

Yay for bread!

Question #7:

It's a Stormy Night, Your Partner Wants To Send You Home Which Method Do You Prefer?


Answer: A Witch Broom

Samantha, bewitched - “I am a witch. A real house-haunting, broom-riding, cauldron-sitting witch.”

Have you ever imagine yourself “riding a broom” when you were younger and believing that you were a witch in making? Yes, that’s right 2551 (47%) of our adventurous guests hopes that they will be sent home safely via a witch broom!

This would definitely be a dream come true!

Thank you for “attending” our Halloween party organized in October, we were elated that 90% of you have enjoyed our event and wanting to revisit us again. It’s an honour serving you, our most valuable guests. It is all about enjoying the scary experiences during Halloween. On top of everything, congratulations to the 20 survivors who won the prizes! Remember to check out if you are one of them!

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See you next time!


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