Let's Talk PanelPlace: Types of Survey Personalities

 Let's Talk PanelPlace: Types of Survey Personalities

In September’s promotion, PanelPlace launched a personality quiz for you to find out what kind of survey taker you are. There are a total of 5 different personality types, namely The Analyst, The Chillax, The Expressive Sharer, The Impulsive Enthusiast and The Skeptic.

By knowing your survey type, you will be able to improve your current online paid survey routine and maximise your earnings! Isn't that great? Don't worry if you missed out, we have got you covered! Find out the different types of survey takers available and get personalized survey tips!

This time, we received an amazing number of 8904 submissions! Which survey type do you think most of you PanelPlace members will belong to?

Drumroll, please!




Here are the results!

survey taker data

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Congratulations to the winners we picked at random! Head over to the promotion page to check out the list of winners!

Almost half of you belong to The Expressive Sharer type! That’s great, most of you are definitely on the right track. As for the rest, paid surveys definitely exist! Don't miss out working from home, what are you waiting for? We will definitely be coming up with more survey tips to help you maximise your survey earnings to the fullest!

We hope you enjoyed September's promotion! Meanwhile, don’t forget to join October’s promotion!

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