Let's Talk PanelPlace: The Beer Festival

Let's Talk PanelPlace: The Beer Festival

First of all, congratulations to all who has participated in the August promotion! You have done a good job answering the difficult questions from this trivia quiz. Now, we will reveal the answers below.

Check out how well you did!

Question 3

The Beer Festival AU

Answer: True

According to our research, authentic Aussies use the term “My shout!” to indicate to their drinking companions that it is his/her turn to buy the group their drinks, and most Aussies will shout you back upon hearing. Apparently, this is an important custom when drinking with mates in Australia.

Based on our answer count, 80% of you answered correctly! Looks like you guys knew Australia’s drinking etiquette pretty well!

Question 4

The Beer Festival IN

Answer: in their cars

In India, drinking at home is considered taboo. An average Indian man would normally choose to head outdoors for a drink. Hence, drinking in cars became the popular choice, adding on to the fact that the low lighting in cars provide the ambience for a quiet and peaceful drink.

Based on our answer count, only 20% of you got the correct answer. Now that the answer is revealed, perhaps you would want to try out this experience for yourself the next time you visit India?

Question 5

The Beer Festival TH

Answer: True

Drinking in Thailand requires you to pay attention to some rules of status such as, when clinking glasses with someone of your senior or of higher status, politely hold your glass slightly lower and clink low on their to show respect.

Based on our answer count, 75% answered this question correctly. Looks like the PanelPlace community is quite familiar with the drinking habits in Thailand already!

Question 6

The Beer Festival VN

Answer: True

If you were asked to go drinking in Vietnam, food will most likely accompany your drinking sessions. Vietnam has lots of bar snacks that goes well with beer such as, chicken wings, frog legs, snails, cockles, bo luc lac (vietnamese shaking beef - beef sauteed with cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, pepper, and soy sauce) and hột vịt lộn (balut - developing bird embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell).

Based on our answer count, 77% of you got this question correct. Good job! Vietnam seemed to be another country that do not need our introduction when it comes to beer.

Question 7

The Beer Festival MY

Answer: Snow Beer

Snow Beers have the appearance of a slushie and taste like an ice blended beer, and is a popular way to consume beers in Malaysia. Many crosses the country to experience the wonders of Snow Beer. However, did you know that you can make your own Snow Beers at home? All you need is a frozen glass and a very chilled bottle of beer. The coldness from the frozen glass will crystallize the beer into icy flakes once it is poured.

Based on our answer count, 73% of you answered this question correctly. For those of you who have answered correctly, we hope you have experienced the Snow Beer yourself too. If not, we really recommend it!

Question 8

The Beer Festival PH

Answer: Tagayan

Based on tradition, Philippine people used to “alay sa demonyo” when they start their drinking sessions, which means to offer their first shot of drink to the spirits. However, the “tagay” style of drinking is now more commonly known, where a designated pourer will top up a shared glass, and the glass will be passed around the table. Once the glass reaches you, you are expected to drink it all, bottoms-up!

Based on our answer count, only 42% got this answer correctly. We hope the answer to this question did give you some insights to the way Philippine people drink nowadays. It would be lots of fun to share a glass with your buddies, and be prepared to get drunk, or not!

Question 9

The Beer Festival ID

Answer: Bintang Beer

Data shows that the Bintang Beer, developed by the Indonesians themselves, is the highest selling beer in the country. The beer itself is styled as a pale lager, gold in colour with an ideal serving temperature of 7 degree celsius. And it tastes similar to Heineken, with the bottle mimicking Heineken’s bottle in some ways.

Based on our answer count, 53% answered this question correctly. Good job in recognising Indonesia’s national beer!

Question 10

The Beer Festival SG

Answer: True

Singapore has been known for its strict laws, and here’s another one to add to the list. Under the Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act, drinking is banned in all public places from 10:30pm to 7am. Retail shops are not allowed to sell takeaway alcohol during this period too. The act aims to minimise public disorder and disamenities arising from drinking in public.

Based on our answer count, 85% of you got this question correct. Looks like Singapore is really famous, or should we say infamous, for their strict rules and regulations!

Question 11

The Beer Festival US

Answer: True

When you drink in America, it is always customary to give a 20% tip or tip a dollar per drink. And if you happening to tip heavy on the first round, you will definitely get the bartender’s attention, resulting in you getting your drinks fast, strong and perhaps even be offered one or two complimentary drinks.

Based on our answer count, 79% of you got the answer correctly. Looks like most of you knew what to do when you drink in the States. Good job!

Bonus Question

The Beer Festival PP

Answer: Tiger and Heineken

At the point when we were setting up this trivia quiz, Tiger and Heineken were the only two beer brands in our fridge. Congratulations to those who guessed it right!

Out of all the respondents of this trivia quiz, only 19 got this question right. We think that it is amazing to get this question right, without any hints from us. Good job guys!


Now that all the answers are revealed to you, did any of the answer surprised you? Or were you totally confident about your choices?

We hope that you have learnt something new from this quiz, and helped you to better understand about the different beer-drinking-habits around the world. Perhaps the next time you travel, it would be a nice gesture to take these customs and etiquette into consideration when drinking beer with your mates.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners!!

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