Let's Talk PanelPlace: The 2016 Know-It-All

 Let's Talk PanelPlace: The 2016 Know-It-All

In the month of January, we challenged our members to an ultimate quiz of knowledge, and that is how well-informed they are of the matters of 2016! The year is past and we have moved on, but not forgetting to learn from the mistakes and successes!

Let’s reveal how well everyone scored for the quiz!

jan promo pie chart

Hmm, seems like most of you scored pretty well huh? Our top scorers were amazeballs!

For those who got low scores, don’t be discouraged! This is a fun reminder to refresh yourself with the current affairs!

Now, let’s see which questions most members got wrong and correct!

# Mostly Correct: Which president got elected in the USA?

jan promo question most correct

Hmm, no one should be getting this wrong actually. Unless you really aren’t bothered by the election, or you had an accidental miss on the button! Jokes aside, well done folks!

# Mostly Wrong: How many monthly promotions does PanelPlace have as of now?

jan promo question most wrong

Yes, it is probably a teensy bit tedious to count all the promotions we’ve had, but looking back at all the fun promotions we’ve prepared for our members, it sure reminds us of the paid survey journey we have been through together so far!

So now you wish you haven't thrown your newspapers away? We hope that this quiz have inspired you to get even more involved in the current affairs, as knowing what’s new can also help you in your survey taking journey!

I’m sure we all at least know that in February, there’s Valentine’s day. Head over to our February Promotion, for a test on your romance level!

Till next time,

The PanelPlace Team


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