Take A Look Inside Our New Laid Back Office!

Take A Look Inside Our New Laid Back Office!

‘Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change.’ - Sir Richard Branson

As a startup, we at PanelPlace are exposed to change on a daily basis. It helps broaden our horizons so that we may grow. Thus, when the opportunity arose, we decided to say goodbye to our old office at Waterloo Centre. We had learned plenty the past years we were there, but it was time to get out of our comfort zone and explore what the world outside has for us. With that said, we are pleased to announce that we have moved to our new office at Block 71!


We founded PanelPlace 6 years ago to provide people with the opportunity to earn by linking them to paid online surveys by trusted companies. Since then, our platform has grown to host users from 49 different countries.


PanelPlace also serves as a member base for market research companies to tap into when they need responses for their surveys. By giving them access to survey takers, the companies can learn more about their target audience and use those lessons to enhance their user acquisitions and generation efforts. In addition, we are expanding our services to all organizations, which mostly target on customer acquisition and lead generation.


Our platform is not the only one that has grown since our founding. Our team had also grown significantly to the point where the old office space had reached its capacity. With that in mind, we decided that it was a good time to move to a bigger space to make room for future growth.


While the new office is certainly much bigger than our old one, that wasn’t all we based our decision on. Block 71 is a gold mine of resources for startups like us. It is an entrepreneurial hub in Singapore that’s well-known for hosting (and having hosted) some of the nation’s hottest up-and-coming startups, such as Carousell and 99.co. We’re hoping that being in the hub will allow us to better connect with our startup peers and also learn from them so that we may continue to develop exciting new features on our platform for our users. Besides, having our very own office is a pretty big thing for all of us here! In addition to boosting our morale and making us feel prouder about what we do here, it’s also been really cool to have our very own pantry and relaxation corner!


Our web developer, found the bigger space to be the one thing he likes most about the new office. He said it helps him feel more connected to the team and that he’s more motivated working in the new office since the environment is great.


‘Work hard, play hard’ is arguably the motto for startups everywhere, and we are no exception. We have our company Sony PlayStation 4 hooked up to a 32’’ TV. We even have a pantry next to it that is always stocked with snacks and drinks to really make the entire area our relaxation corner. You will often find us having our lunch there as we watch our gaming enthusiast colleagues duke it out on Tekken or Street Fighter V.


The relaxation corner is what he loves most about the new office as team often uses the area to eat lunch and play video games at the same time.

‘It’s quite relaxing and I feel like it has helped boost the team’s work morale,’ said YF, Media Executive of PanelPlace.


In addition to better accommodations, Denniz, PanelPlace’s co-founder, hopes that the new office will not only help the company become more integrated with the startup ecosystem, but also attract new talents to come onboard the team. He also emphasized the achievement of having an office of our own.

‘Getting our very own headquarters is a big milestone for us’, he said.


If you have any business inquiries, please do feel free to email us at [email protected] You can also found us 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent at unit #04-09. Whether you want to increase your member base, get users to join your market research study or simply want to connect with them, feel free to contact us or just pop on by!


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