Let's Talk PanelPlace: Summer Go Where

Let's Talk PanelPlace: Summer Go Where

In hoping to help you prepare for the long-awaited summer holidays, we gave you a short travel-picture quiz last month. How many places did you manage to recognize? Have you visited most, if not all, of the places in the quiz? We hope you had fun, and perhaps add some of these places to your bucket list if you haven’t done so!

Now, read on below for the correct answers to the June promotion quiz.

How many did you answer correctly?


Q1. (60% got this correct!)

Ans: D, Hawaii. Your trip to Hawaii is incomplete without watching the hula dance!

Q2. (only 24% got this correct!)

Ans: A, Eating onigiri. You can eat onigiri at any given time, but it is in Japan’s Summer Festivals you will see people gathering in their yukatas, playing scooping goldfish and ends off the night with watching awesome display of fireworks.

Q3. (43% got this correct!)

Ans: C, London Bridge - England. Although the London Bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractions in England, it is not part of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Q4. (57% got this correct!)

Ans: C, Netherland. Although Tulips originates from Turkey, they are now known as the (unofficial) national flowers of Netherlands!

Q5. (66% got this correct!)

Ans: A, USA. Americans celebrate Independence Day on July 4th with picnics, parades and of course the very lovely display of fireworks!

Q6. (82% got this correct!)

Ans: A, Dubai. The Burj Khalifa building stoods at 828m tall, with a total of 160 floors, and is known as the tallest building in the world. Enjoy the best view of Dubai here!

Q7. (49% got this correct!)

Ans: B, Khao Ping Kan. More popularly known as the James Bond island, Khao Ping Kan is located in Phuket, Thailand. This place became a popular tourist attraction after the release of the 9th installment of the James Bond movie series, The Man with the Golden Gun (1974).

Q8. (67% got this correct!)

Ans: C, Pantheon. If you have read or watched the Angels & Demons movie (adapted from Dan Brown’s novel of the same name), you might recognize this place as one of the many places Langdon visited during his quest to solve the mystery. So, don’t bypass this place when you visit Rome!

Q9. (58% got this correct!)

Ans: D, Neuschwanstein Castle. Want to get up close and personal with the Castle that inspired Sleeping Beauty? Come visit the Neuschwanstein Castle the next time you visit Germany!

Q10. (72% got this correct!)

Ans: D, Singapore. For those of you who has yet to find out, PanelPlace operates out of a humble office located in Singapore. If you happen to travel to Singapore, you can visit the Infinity Pool located at Marina Bay Sands too!


How did you score for the quiz? Hopefully you did get most of the questions correct!

We hope that you had fun learning about new places! Don't forget to join our July promotion Events with Emoji for another chance to earn some cash prizes!


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