Let's Talk PanelPlace: Spooky Short Stories

Let's Talk PanelPlace: Spooky Short Stories

Hey all, how are you all doing? It’s approaching the end of the year, and we hear the jingle bells ringing away! We hope you guys are having fun preparing for the festive seasons ahead. Amidst the busy plannings, I hope you guys got a great scare from our post-halloween promotion last month!

If you still remember, we shared 5 spooky stories and asked for your opinion which is the scariest, and why? Surprisingly, some of you shared that you have heard or experienced the stories before! For November’s promotion, we received a total number of 2600 votes!

Do you still remember which story you have voted for, and which story received the most votes? No worries, let me refresh your memory!

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Remember these stories? So now, let’s reveal the top 3 that received the MOST votes and WHY our members think they deserve it!

Wow a very big congratulation to the writers of Curiosity Kills, Sleep Your Life Away and Where Are My Friends! Your stories have definitely spook the PanelPlace members out! Here are some of the reasons why they deserve to win!

Curiosity Kills

It's not a conventional scary story. There were no ghosts or even eerie shadows, it's your imagination that will work on figuring out what really happened and why is there a human skin on the wall. Plus, I haven't heard of a skin that was made into a wallpaper. It is both original and spooky.”
Most of the other stories were predictable. Through the middle, I successfully figured out the plot for all the other stories. In curiosity kills, the ending was very unexpected and definitely creepy. I was anticipating the bodies being buried behind the concrete... but the skin as wallpaper....gross! This novel is really creepy and takes the chill to a new level for sure!"

Sleep Your Life Away

I had the same experience! It really was a spooky and hair-raising experience, because several times I half-slept and really felt somebody controlling me from moving. I prayed, and was finally able to get free from that state.
I encountered it before. I thought it was a dream, until my family also had the same dream, which freaked us all out! We believe we are being disturbed by spiritual beings but after a while, it stopped happening to us. Imagine a dark being just hovering on you and you couldn't scream or move your hand, sort of like sleep paralysis."

Where Are My Friends?

“Can you imagine your child saying he's playing with his friends in a basement... when you know that is impossible?"
“This story has some real feeling to it. Questions like, what if the parents never asked? Or were there only kids in there? Questions like that kept me up and I believe this makes it even more scary!"

Yeap, we totally agree with these comments. Aren’t you curious if you are one of the lucky winner of this month’s promotion? Do head over to November’s Promotion page to check!

This December, in conjunction with Christmas, we have moved on from spooks to a joyous season! We are inviting all members to share a meaningful photo with us. To find out more, do visit our December Promotion page!

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