PanelPlace's Successful Roadshow at SITEX 2015

PanelPlace's Successful Roadshow at SITEX 2015

The much-awaited SITEX 2015 has taken place last week at the Expo Convention Centre. As it was a popular and exciting event, the crowd will not simply miss out this opportunity to dive into SITEX. This is one of the reasons why PanelPlace also jumped in to be part of the exhibition.

SITF, the organizer of the event have come up with various spectacular and engaging activities for everyone to enjoytheir timeat SITEX. There was also a special spot for start-ups to showcase their product and services.This is where PanelPlace had been invited to join to interact with the crowd and explain to them what we do.

From last Thursday until Sunday, We were all pumped up to introduce paid surveys to the visitors. It was an interesting and definitely a good experience to explain how they can earn extra online.

The event also had other great start-ups that joined PanelPlace in exhibiting their product or services to the crowd. Here’s a quick view on some of these awesome participants:

Fynd – They are expert on technical support for mobile devices and gadgets. Their unique factor is they will visit you anytime anywhere to provide their quick service. Know more about them at

Airfrov – Imagine wanting an item so bad but it’s only available in a different country. Aifrov is here to help. Tap on travellers who are willing to buy for you and pay them with your offered price. Find out how this interesting deal works on

FOMO Booth – Instantly print out your photos from mobile with FOMO booth’s machine. Just make a poseand it’ll automatically give life to your shot. Find out more from their Facebook Page.

Intraix – Be more energy efficient and start living for a better world with these green tech gadgets from Intraix. Check out for more eco-friendly details.

Pressie – Make gift giving as easy as 1-2-3 with Pressie. It takes just a few minutes on your mobile device and you can quickly send that special treat to anyone. Check it out at

Anymap – Explore the world with the right kind of map you need. Have your quick travel and map guide all in one brought to you by

ShopBack – Shop till you drop with year-long discounts all placed in on great website. ShopBack is definitely the go-to of every shopper. Check their deals at

Temploy – Work life balance is the ultimate goal of every working individual. Achieve that perfect match with an employer through Temploy at

Stretch – Get the best perks and advantages with your credit card through Stretch mobile app. A deals directory that caters to the best offers your bank currently has. It is catered specifically for your budget’s needs. Check out their page.

SnappyHouse – Check out the hottest real estate properties without the hassle of too much marketing and frills. SnappyHouse makes home buying and selling an easy process with its DIY features. Learn more at

Those were the amazing teams alongside PanelPlace in making the event more meaningful, fun, and engaging. It was indeed a great experience for us to interact with the crowd as they have brought up positive feedback on how new startups are starting to shape the industry in an exciting level. SITF even got to do a lucky draw for those who visited start-up companies booth.

And since the experience was just overwhelming, we are pretty sure this won’t be the last roadshow that PanelPlace displays its paid survey opportunity.


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