The PanelPlace Stories: Our success with paid surveys

The PanelPlace Stories: Our success with paid surveys

To our dear members, how has your paid survey journey been like so far?
In this episode, Clara and her friends shared with us their success stories in paid surveys! In PanelPlace, our members also share their successes with us. We all get a sneak peak at their survey journey, but the best part is the tips which they very willingly share with everyone.

Let’s look back at their paid survey journey!

1. The Paid Survey Journey Of A Student

If you are a student, you cannot miss Janae’s sharing on her paid survey experience! Janae is a student from Singapore and she earns extra pocket money from paid surveys. In here, she shares her struggles and successes in doing surveys which could benefit all survey takers! For those whose friends or acquaintances are studying right now, be sure to share her story with them!

2. Paid Surveys For Tushar From India

Tushar shares with us his experiences with paid surveys in India. He has been earning from paid surveys for a few years now and uploads his earning proofs regularly. He also shares how paid surveys have been a successful source of side income that adds to his own job, after discovering its credibility! Read his entire story if you still have doubts in jumping on this paid survey bandwagon!

3. Tips And Tricks From Amir

Read about the passion and fun Amir gets from doing paid surveys! To Amir, the job is not a boring one, but like an adventure that allows him to gain new knowledge from the topics discussed in the surveys. Amir reaps the benefits of paid surveys not only monetarily, but also in education!

So, what about your own paid survey journey?

We want to thank these members for contributing their knowledge for this community and we look forward to inviting more of you to share as well. We hope these member features have helped you in your journey and just like in the comic, we’d like you to know that success can mean different things to everyone, be it earning some extra money or contributing to society through paid surveys. So continue hammering away! We are sure that one day, you will also achieve success!

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