Let's Talk PanelPlace: Once In A Blue Moon

Let's Talk PanelPlace: Once In A Blue Moon

Welcome to 2018!

How was our Once In A Blue Moon promotion? We know that it’s quite off when we start off the New Year with picking an unachievable resolution, but at least that points out which resolution you are not picking for 2018 right?

We have a huge amount of participants this month. There were 6807 people that participated, can’t you believe it? That a lot of people!

We would also like to say thank you for everyone that joined this promotion. Remember, we could not make this happen without all of you and we are really blessed that we could start 2018 with you :)

To add to that, did you all see the Super Blue Blood Moon several days ago? When we planned this promotion, we didn’t expect that a blue moon is going to give a blasting end for this Once In A Blue Moon promotion. We really did a double take on this beautiful rare occurrence.

By now, you all know the drill right? Everyone that won this round was all picked through a lucky draw and of course, congratulations to all that won. To that, don’t be disheartened if you didn’t make it this round. Our promotion still runs monthly so no need to worry and join our February promotion, Love Is An Open Door. Also, don’t forget to check down below to see whether you’ve made it on this month’s winner list or not.

If you weren’t able to take the Once In A Blue Moon promotion, here’s a recap of what happened during the past month.

Our concept for the Once In A Blue Moon promotion was based on New Year Resolutions. We all had one and maybe forgotten it after probably 2 weeks into the new year. To that idea, we compiled several new year resolutions (see the image below) and let our members pick whichever ones did not work or were more or less unreasonable. The winners will be picked through the most voted new year resolution.

Like some of our past promotions, the Once In A Blue Moon promotion had a quiz layout. All the participants needed to do were to enter their Member ID, then picked which resolution doesn’t make sense, and finally, shared what their 2018 resolution is.

The winning (and mostly forgotten) new year resolution is… (drum roll please)

To Lose Weight, Eat Healthy, Get In Shape!! It was a huge chunk (29.7%) of the participants.

The runner-up was: Giving Up Addiction (ex. Cigarettes, Alcohol, Social Media, You Name It) with a whopping 18.4% of our members.

To take the bronze medal, Improve My Characteristics To Become A Better Person Than ME Before stole the 3rd place with 10.4% of the votes.

There were many outstanding New Year Resolutions that everyone shared with us and we’re glad to see what kinds of resolutions are you deciding on this year! From traveling to new places to getting more sleep, each and every resolution counts! So, don’t forget about this year too, yea?

Once again, we are delighted to probably have the best people who we call our members and it gives us great happiness to be able to kick off 2018 with all of you. Thank you so much for your support throughout the ups and downs. We know that we do have flaws but thank you for accepting us as who we are. Pushing off all the tear-jerking emotions, we would love to hear from you on how we did this past promotion so don’t hesitate and let us know!

Speaking of which, our February Promotion, Love Is An Open Door is LIVE! Just click on the blue hyperlink here!


Don't forget to click here to see the winners.


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