The Newly Revamped PanelPlace App Has Been Released!

The Newly Revamped PanelPlace App Has Been Released!

Finally, your wish is granted! PanelPlace has finally revamped its very own phone app! I’m very sure, just like the PanelPlace Team, you will be awed at the exciting new features!

Features include keeping yourself updated with the latest survey panels, an overview of all your survey earnings and more. No other way to start organizing your survey panels in one place!

So, What’s New?

Consolidation of Survey Panels and Earning Proofs

Survey panels and earnings proofs will all be available at one glance. This feature will help put things in order for easy reference! Members will now be able to keep track of your survey panel accounts and earning proofs.

Manage your Profile Effortlessly

Update your profile on the go - it is very important! Survey panels may have a specific criteria for survey takers. If your profile is updated, you will see more panel recommendations, which will lead to more survey opportunities! Sounds like a good deal, isn’t it?

Invite your Friends Instantly

Sharing is caring, it is a must to share good things with your friends! Now, you can share the goodness of online paid surveys easily!

Receive Notifications of New Survey Panels

No more missing out on new survey panels to join! The more you join, the more surveys you can complete! Notifications will ensure that you are always be kept updated on the latest survey panels!

What are you waiting for? The PanelPlace App is now available on the PlayStore and AppStore. Grab yours now! Let us know what you think of the app, and what other features you wish to see in time to come!

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