Let's Talk PanelPlace: Make It Work

Let's Talk PanelPlace: Make It Work

For May, we cracked our brains to come up with an interesting and challenging Labour Day Quiz! The quiz was indeed challenging, with some of the questions that got even our own team members baffled! Luckily for us, there are numerous online sources available that one can read up on, making the quiz quite manageable! For those of you who needs a refresher on the questions, click here!

*DrumRoll* Are you ready for the answers!

How well did you think you did?


Ans: C, Street Parade by Labour Organisations (Many got this wrong!)


Ans: A, No One Knows


Ans: C, USA


Ans: A, Monday (Looks like many people know when to take medical leave!)


Ans: A, Muscular Problems (Surprisingly!)


Ans: D, Mexico


Ans: A, Military Personnel


Ans: D, Data Scientist


Ans: C, Online Paid Surveys (Of course!)

We also got everyone to choose their favourite dream job featured in our recent blog article and the results are...

Looks like many people would like to sleep their days away while earning money ! (Me too)

Overall, many participants found the quiz quite challenging based on the overall ratings below:

But then again, where is the fun if it is too easy right!

We hope you have enjoyed the May Promotion and possibly learnt a few new things as well! If you are hungry for more quizzes, do take a look at our current promotion Summer Go Where to stand another chance to win cash prizes!

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