Let's Talk PanelPlace: Love Is An Open Door

Let's Talk PanelPlace: Love Is An Open Door

llo! Hey! Hi! Everyone,

At last, our Love Is An Open Door has ended. It was tough wasn’t it?

Wait… was it not for some of you? We were actually hesitating to put this promo up because of mixed ideas from the team but we’re actually pretty shocked that 7976 members actually participated for this promo. That defeats our past promo! We were definitely mind blown by it. We would like to say thank you for everyone who participated on this promotion and although it was tougher than the last one, we hoped that you enjoyed it!

To that, the winners for this round will be picked through whoever ones that have the highest scores and once again, we would like to congratulate the winners. To all the others that didn’t make it this round, go ahead and join our next promo and we’ll let you know a little secret. It’s not as hard as this one ;-)

Other than that, do check down below whether you’ve won or not!

By now, you really want to know what the answers are right? Read along to see what they are!

Question #1

Answer: Guys Returning Gifts

White Day may sound strange because it’s not celebrated by many countries but it is quite an essential pair to Valentine’s day. This day is mostly performed in Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea. Firstly, girls will give presents to guys on Valentine’s day as a symbolism of love or interest. In return, the guys will give presents back on March 14th as a sign of courtesy.

Question #2

Answer: Mars and Venus

Hey, a lot of you got this right! 67.2%? That’s a huge number! Was this question pretty easy to figure out? Cupid (or Eros in Greek) is the offspring of the god of war, Mars, and the goddess of love, Venus, in Roman mythology.

Question #3

Answer: Victorian

It’s just surprising to hear that if you sign a Valentine’s card in the 19th century, bad luck will be delivered to you. On the other hand, good job to the 3757 people that got this question right! I would say figuring out the British eras are quite tricky.

Question #4

love is an open door 4

Answer: Kea u rata

It’s fair to say that this may be a difficult question to answer. According to Google Translate, I Love You translates to Kea u rata in Sesotho language (the official language in Lesotho, South Africa and Zimbabwe). On the other hand, 45.1% of you got this right. That’s amazing!

Question #5

Answer: Eat Chocolate

Yes! Chocolates! This may be the reason why chocolate is really popular whether your status is single or taken. To that, 3815 of you all got this right! Of course, Bathe in Flower Petals is the runner-up answer of this question.

Question #6

Answer: Verona

"O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?" - Juliet, Romeo and Juliet

If you are familiar with Shakespeare, you would know that Romeo and Juliet is one of his most famous tragedy pieces. The setting of that play is in Verona, hence why letters were sent to that city.

Question #7

Answer: Wear One’s Heart On One’s Sleeve

Although the question itself was a mouthful, did you all notice the hints in between the text? As you all know, wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve means that you are openly displaying your feelings rather than keeping them private.

Question #8

Answer: 9,000,000

By this, you could see that a lot of people love animals, pets in particular. We would say that we do not deserve pets. They are just too lovable and it’s not wrong to give a present to your pets. Although the pictures displayed are neither of our pets, even we could all agree that those pictures are cute!

Question #9

Answer: Lace

This is a tricky question, isn’t it? We would say that it was quite hard to determine the difference between each fabric type and we understand why velvet was mostly picked by most people. On the other hand, lace is very decorative on Valentine’s day because of their sheer form.

Question #10

Answer: miláčik

Like question #4, this question is pretty hard to determine which answer is right. Referring back to Google Translate, Valentine is miláčik in Slovak. To that, it’s pretty impressing to see 29.2% of you picked this although Amuri takes the first place.

Question #11

Answer: Pinky Finger

Pinky Finger, or what some people call little finger, is believed to hold the red thread of fate. Rooted from a Chinese myth, this belief spreads across Eastern Asia. The red string is believed as the string that connects you to your destined lover, therefore it is highly dangerous if the string breaks.

Question #12

Answer: Goldfinch - Rich Man

Based on European and American folklore, when a girl gets out of their house at valentines day, the first bird they saw will predict what kind of man will they marry. Goldfinch represents a rich man, Blackbird represents a clergyman, Dove represents a good man and Robin Redbreast represents a sailor.

Question #13

Answer: Germany

In the past, German girls liked to predict their fortune of their future husband through placing different boy names (preferably their crush’s names) beside an onion each. While waiting for Valentine’s day to come, they will let the onion grow. To that, the fastest growing onion will indicate them which boy will be their destined lover.

Question #14

Answer: Black Bean Noodles

Not only that this cuisine is native to Asian countries, it is also widely popular throughout the whole world. Popularized by South Korea, this dining “trend” is usually performed by gathering people who didn’t get any presents during Valentine’s or White Day. On the other hand, this question maybe a freebie for most users ;-)

Although many people said that this quiz is pretty hard, it’s quite surprising that the average difficulty for this promotion is ⅗. Besides that, how did you celebrate your Valentine’s day? From giving gratitude and presents to spreading the love to everyone, we believe that each and every person deserves love and support from others. On the contrary, we hoped that through viewing all the answers and explanations from each and every answer, you could know more about Valentine’s day than just celebrating with the ones you love. I mean, the more you know is better right?

We’ve also noticed that there are several technical errors as this promotion ran last month and some of the questions are ones that you’ve never expected. To that, we are glad to hear that you all support us no matter what and we are definitely grateful for your patience. Once again, thank you very much for still staying with us and don’t forget to join our next promotion, Discovering Earth Hour!

Also, don’t forget to click here and see the winners for this promotion :)

Once again,

See you next time!


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