Let's Talk PanelPlace: We Dare Your Eyes

Let's Talk PanelPlace: We Dare Your Eyes

Let’s explore the world under the microscope! In September, we dared the eyesight of our members. Were they sharp enough to identify those daily sundry items and foods even transformed under the microscope?

Did most of you find the pictures fascinating under the microscope? For this promotion, we have 6098 explorers inspected those magical moments put under a microscope. Moreover, 90% of our adventurers found these this experience very interesting and fun!

Enthusiastically, let’s discover the 20 discoverers who have the best eyesight together!

How many did you answer correctly?

Question #1:

Answer: Ballpoint Pen

Could you believe this is a ballpoint pen? Who would have thought that the circular round tip of a ball pen has many layers in it? Just like most of our members, we thought that this was crayons too. 28% of our adventurous explorers got it correct!

Question #2:

Answer: A Moth Wings

Do all of you know that Moths have a short lifespan and their only purpose is to reproduce and lay eggs? Also, Moths have tiny hairs and scales on their wings. Have you identified them in this picture? 55% of you got it right!

Question #3:

Answer: Banana Skin

An interesting fact about Banana Skin is that they are actually edible and it's consumed in many parts of the world! The yellow fruit’s skin contains high amounts nutrition such as vitamin B6, protein and fibers. How does Banana skin taste like? It’s bitter or sweet? 37% of our participants got it correct!

Question #4:

Answer: Split End of Human Hair

There are many reasons that would cause the end of our hair to split such as brushing your hair when it is still wet and excessive of blow drying your hair! 42% of you got this right!

Question #5:

Answer: Pencil Graphite

“Pencil Graphite” which is commonly known as “Pencil Lead”. Here’s a myth buster, there is no lead in pencils. Mainly, the “Pencil Lead” is made up of a non-toxic mineral called graphite. 29% of you got it right!

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Question #6:

Answer: Toothbrush Bristles

Does all of you know what’s the purposes of crafting the bristles in a pointed arrow pattern? It is because the well-designed shape allows the toothbrush to brush closer to the gums. 50% of you got it right! Well done!

Question #7:

Answer: Strawberry

Interesting facts, any strawberry have fruit mites on it either alive or dead. This may sound disturbing but there’s nothing to be afraid! It not harmful if you swallowed it. 45% of your got it right!

Question #8:

Answer: Toilet Paper

Interesting facts, an average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year. A manufacturing production manufactured 83 million rolls per day. That’s a lot! 27% of participants got it right!

Question #9:

Answer: Red Marker

Yes! This is the tip of the red marker we would normally use on our daily basis especially for our noble teachers! 20% of our participants got it right!

Question #10:

Answer: Tail Of A Shrimp

Interesting facts about shrimps, there are at least 2000 shrimp species globally. Surprisingly, shrimp contains a cancer-fighting mineral known as selenium that would reduce the risk of developing cancer in your body! 17% of our explorers got it right!

How did you score for this quiz, “We Dare Your Eyes”? Hopefully, you did get most of the questions correctly! We hope that you had fun discovering these interesting parts of our daily life! Visit our winner lists too!

Leave a comment below on which pictures amazed you the most!

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