Let's Talk PanelPlace: The PanelPlace Blogger

Let's Talk PanelPlace: The PanelPlace Blogger

“The PanelPlace Blogger”, a quiz that searches for the most passionate and greatest blog reader who clearly knows PanelPlace’s blog content and topic well! Participation were highly encouraged to answer all of the 18 questions to test their knowledge regarding our published articles.

In total, there were 2578 potential PanelPlace blog followers joined this month promotion. Furthermore, 89% of them have expressed that through this quiz they have a better understanding on what kind of content PanelPlace has been publishing all these while.

Have you answered the quiz correctly? Read along to see what are the results!

Question #1

Answer: Yes

Yes! PanelPlace’s Blog does source articles that are related to Earning Extra Income, Education, Online Jobs and more. 98% of our potential talents got it right! That’s remarkable! Not only do we published content topic about the above topics mentioned, monthly results of our promotions and stories about our beloved members were uploaded too!

Do check all of those posts!

Question #2

Answer: Janae

As written, Janae’s market research opportunities journeys and experiences is highly recommended for students who wants to earn extra pocket money flexibility. Through this story, Janae also shared about her struggles and successes faced. 59% of you got this correct!

Do read about it if you want to learn more tips and to read more stories about our other members too!

Question #3

Answer: Organizing the Survey Panels Joined

In “What Paid Surveys Are Like For A Student”, Janae expressed that PanelPlace is a platform that helped her to organized all her market opportunities neatly. Moreover, her favourite features would be uploading of social proofs. From this tool, she was able to confirm opportunities from PanelPlace are legit and trustable.

Janae’s mindset have changed after exposing herself to PanelPlace’s market research opportunities. Initially, she believed that by devoting lots of her time into relevant market research opportunities would waste her time and rewards gained were very minimal. However, it wasn’t her case as she could earn extra pocket money during her free time! 51% of our talented blog followers got it right!

Question #4

Answer: Click “Invite Friend” Tab & Copy “Tell Friend” Link

That’s right! All of you need are two (2) steps to locate personalize “Tell Friend” Link in your own PanelPlace account. With this, you could specially invite your family and friends to enjoy all of these great opportunities available in PanelPlace freely. 74% of you are very clear about the steps!

For in case, let’s revise the steps again!

After logging into your own account, you would need to…

  1. Click onto the “Invite Friend” Tab
  2. Copy “Tell Friend” Link

Start finding your own personalized “Tell Friend” Link now!

Question #5

Answer: All Of The Above

After knowing how we could locate our own “Tell Friend” Link, the next question would be what are the various ways to share this special link to our friends and family members?

Likewise, there are two (2) ways you could spread it!

  1. Manually Copy & Paste Your “Tell Friend” Link To Them
  2. Share Your “Tell Friend” Via Social Media Platforms

60% of our potential biggest blog followers were well-aware about it. How about you?

Question #6

Answer: All of The Above

Published in our blog, “Popular Skills Companies Favour Nowadays”, there was an ongoing trend that fresh graduates were unemployment even after 25 weeks of job searching. Also, they were facing a hard time in matching their current skills to the requirement listed by various companies. 50% of our participants were mindful of this issues, do you too?

Not to worry! In PanelPlace, we do have lots of opportunities available that allows you to upgrade your current skills and even tips on various skills you could considered to learn too!

Question #7

Answer: Communication Skills

Communication Skills have always been playing a big part of anyone’s life. Being able to convey your ideas and information effectively is extremely critical. Ways of communication does not only restrict verbally but non-verbal communication is part of it too. For instances, writing of emails and even drafting a blog posts.

Many of businesses have indicated that the most standard reasons on not hiring a possible employee is, “lack of communication skills and unable to express their mind clearly.” 72% of our potential greatest followers got this correct!

PanelPlace do have vast opportunities related to education for our members to explore and join. Subscribe to it to enjoy the wide range of courses!

Question #8

Answer: Study Abroad Opportunities

"Study Abroad Opportunities" could be one of greatest opportunities everyone might want to undergo! Traveling to different countries to experiences their cultures and to view its picturesque environment. This is such attractive point! Not only that, the oversea experiences would definitely help you as a conversation starter with your peers and coworkers. 57% of our potential biggest blog followers got this right!

Question #9

Answer: We Work Remotely

For parents who are looking for a job that allows you to balance between stable income and spending time with your children, “We Work Remotely”, is a great platform you could considered! The platform offers job posting in many fields such as design, business and programming. Moreover, you may not need to commit and stick with a fixed timing. Flexibility is the greatest benefit you could gained from them. Likewise, PanelPlace too! Our Market Research opportunities is highly versatile. A great opportunity to consider to earn extra income base on our schedule. 67% of you aced this correctly!


Question #10

Answer: TextBroker

“TextBroker” indeed is one of the best platforms you could considered if you love to create content. As long as you are able to write good quality articles, you are able to earn a fix income from it. 74% of our participants chose the correct answer.

Question #11

Answer: Keeping Track of The List of Opportunities While Using PanelPlace’s App

That’s right! 59% of you got it right! As shared by Hafika Hanafi, a mother of a beautiful daughter, PanelPlace’s mobile have benefited her tremendously by keeping track of her list of opportunities.

On the other hand, she mentioned that by participating in market opportunities via PanelPlace really helped her to earn extra income. Not only that, she was able to spend more quality time with her beloved daughter now.

Question #12

Answer: Yes

No doubts, “Connecting With With Others” is one of the drastic changes we have experienced while living in a world with Internet. With the conveniences of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we could definitely reach out to more individual easily. Businesses also used these channels for networking too! 96% of our followers got it right!

We have reached the end of this blog post! How many questions did you got it correct?

Through “The PanelPlace Blogger”, we hope that you would have a better and clearer understanding of what kind of contents were published by PanelPlace. Most importantly, you exposed to all those posts and benefited with lots of tips!

Thank you very much for participating, The PanelPlace Blogger. Do remember to join us in our July promotion, World Cup Festival! What are you waiting for? Ace the quiz now!

Don’t forget to check out who won for our June Promotion. See you next time!


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