Let's Talk PanelPlace: Name The Emoji

Let's Talk PanelPlace: Name The Emoji

In 2017, PanelPlace hosted a monthly promotion, “Events With Emoji”, to test our participants which commemorative days do those emoji represented. In August 2018, we are back again with our second edition which is about movies being aired in this year! There were 10 new sets of emoji prepared for our participants to guess which movie titles are they representing.

Overall, 6444 members have made their guesses on the emoji reflected and 90% of them have enjoyed this promotion, Name The Emoji. It is remarkable! Glad to know the majority of you loved this activity being planned.

Enthusiastically, let’s find out who are the 30 pros who could decode those 10 secret codes of emoji globally and all the answers together!

How many emoji did you uncover correctly?

Question #1:

Answer: Avengers - Infinity War

Have you guessed it correctly? That’s right! It’s Avengers - Infinity War! Could you recognize the emoji? Hammer, rings, iron, thunder, doctor and an American flag. 71% of you got it right! Are you curious about the upcoming Avengers 4? Will all of the superhero reunited to fight against the super-villain, Thanos?

Question #2:

Answer: The Ant Man & The Wasp

84% of the respondents guessed it right! The ant and bee represent the costume and character the main characters acted. The Ant-Man, Scott Lang, was approached by Hope and Doctor Hank again to explore the atom world again to save Hope’s mother. Have they succeeded in doing soon?

Question #3:

Answer: Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom

87% of our respondents decoded the emoji accurately! It’s Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom! Could you identify the different species of the dinosaurs? The movie was a sequel of the Jurassic World Theme Park, Owen and Claire returned back to the island to save all of the existing dinosaurs that were at the risk of being extinct due to the volcano eruption. A car is an important tool for that assisted the main characters to save “Blue”.

Question #4:

Answer: Rampage

In this movie, Dwayne Johnson stars as Davis Okoye a primatologist who shares an unshakable bond with a unique white gorilla, George. In the movie, animals such as wolves and crocodiles were mutated by scientists who experiment with the genes of different species. All the animals including George have grown humorously and they were very determined to destroy everything in their path. 51% of our participants got it right! Catch this movie, if you have not!

Question #5:

Answer: The Incredible 2

This is one of the most memorable movies of millennial, could you remember any distinctive character of this show? Angry Jack-Jack was my favourite whereby he turned into a fire monster when the villain has captured him. Not to mention, their red superhero costume. It is classic! The Incredible 2 has received numerous positive reviews and ratings from professionals such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. 71% of our members guessed it correctly!

Question #6:

Answer: The Black Panther

Wakanda Forever! Could you recognize the iconic hand sign from the movie? What does it mean anyway? “Wakanda Forever” is a greeting between races such as Indian to Black. The Black Panther was one of the best performing movies along with big hits such as Avengers and Star Wars! The movie is ranked the 9th highest grossing film globally. 82% of our members got it right!

Question #7:

Answer: Mission Impossible - Fallout

Remember Ethan Hunt and his mighty crew who fights against villains who planned to destroy the world? In Mission Impossible - Fallout, Ethan (Tom Cruise) is back to capture John Lark and a group of terrorist known as Apostles who wants to use three plutonium cores to cause a massive disruption to the world. Have they found out who John Lark is? 45% of our participants were aware that this is the latest Mission Impossible series produced by Tom Cruise and his team.

Question #8:

Answer: Hotel Transylvania 3 - Summer Vacation

The answer is Hotel Transylvania 3 - Summer Vacation! A fantasy relationship between a human and royal vampire family. Could you uncover the secrets in the emoji? Hotel, Vampires and Zombies who are embarking on a luxury cruise trip together as a family! 82% of our members have discovered the secret meanings behind these emoji! Well done!

Question #9:

Answer: Skyscraper

Another big hit acted by the highest paid Hollywood, actor, Dwayne Johnson! The skyscraper is a touching yet thrilling story about how a father tries to save his family who was trapped in the tallest building in Hong Kong. The building was burning in flames. He jumped off from machines which are 60 stories high in order to get rescue his most beloved family! A heart-warming movie you must watch! 68% of our participants have got it right!

Question #10:

Answer: Solo: A Star Wars Story

It’s no doubt that Star Wars Series is one of the most classic and well-liked movies in history. In 2018, “Solo - A Star Wars Story” features about Young Han solo exploring new adventures with a gang of galactic smugglers which included a 196 years old Wookie. What had he gained from his new journey? 30% of our participants got it correct!

There you go! We hope that most of you have enjoyed our August promotion, “Name The Emoji”! Thank you very much for staying with PanelPlace and we hope that you have enjoyed our activities.

Leave a comment below on which movies in 2018 is your ultimate favourite up till now!

Don’t forget to join our September Promotion, We Dare Your Eye! Also, find out if you are one of the 30 pros too at "Name The Emoji"!

See you next time! May The Force Be With You!


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