Let's Talk PanelPlace: Mr & Ms PanelPlace International 2018

Let's Talk PanelPlace: Mr & Ms PanelPlace International 2018

In May, PanelPlace hosted a quiz pageant to search for the most charming and knowledgeable contestant who truly knows PanelPlace well. The winner will be crown with this glory title. For this pageant, there were 5742 potential candidates participated.

Through this promotion, at least 88% of participants have understood PanelPlace even more. A positive average rating of 4.5/5 was received too. Many of our members mentioned that this promotion is a wonderful way to know more insights about PanelPlace.


Excitedly, let’s review the answers together!


Answer: A. True

There are 97.6% of contestants got this question right. Glad to know that all of you have noticed the differences from our previous logo. We have changed the font type of on our current logo.


Answer: A. Two “Ps” & Location

63.6% of you got it correct! The symbol of our logo represents the two (2) Ps of “PanelPlace”. PanelPlace hopes to be a place that better connect anyone to more opportunities available in their country!

Answers: A. Find

This must be one of the harder questions as only 51% of the participants got it right. As shown on www.panelplace.com, PanelPlace is a platform that assists individuals to find opportunities to earn, learn and more.

Answer: A. True

Fantastic! 91.8% of you got this correct! Yes, it is true! PanelPlace does provide wide varieties of opportunities ranging from “Paid Surveys”, Education”, “Jobs” and more. Have all of you guys join them and which opportunities is your favourite?

To know more, visit us: www.panelplace.com

Answer: B. False

Only 19.4% of potential candidates got this question right. PanelPlace is not a survey company. PanelPlace is a platform that helps our member to identify reputable opportunities that really enhance the skills and provides rewards. The rewards come directly from our partners. To emphasis, Paid Surveys is one of the opportunities categories provided by PanePlace. We do offer opportunities that are related to paid surveys to our members to earn extra income.

Answer: B. No, PanelPlace is free membership

89.6% of you got it right! PanelPlace is free membership. There isn’t a fee charged if any individuals want to join our big family and explore our opportunities. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and join us to explore our wide opportunities range as mentioned at Q5.

Answer: A. Twitter & Facebook only

Currently, our members are able to receive the latest information regarding PanelPlace via Facebook and Twitter. 12.1% of you got this right! Want to know more about PanelPlace via social media platforms? Follow us now!

Often, we will post newest blog articles related to earning extra income, online jobs, educations and even promotion answers on our digital platforms. You are also able to know more tips and new services PanelPlace have too via our social media platforms!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/panelplace/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/panelplace?lang=en

Answer: A. Yes, Penelope can submit her enquiry to PanelPlace’s help center as it is available 24 hours.

There are 60.1% of contestants got it correct. The PanelPlace’s help center is open and available 24 hours for our members to send us an enquiry when they are facing some questions. However, PanelPlace support team will only answer those questions within office hours, 9am - 5pm. Please kindly note that we would not answer questions too during public holidays as according to Singapore calendar. The patient received from our members are deeply grateful and appreciated.

Answer: C. Monthly

31.7% of our potential contestants got this right! On a monthly basis, PanelPlace would host entertaining and fun promotions with different themes and activities that help our members to learn new knowledge and earn extra rewards as well.

Click and view here to see our other monthly promotions: www.panelplace.com/promotions


Last month, PanelPlace has organized a tournament called “SHARE.COMPETE.WIN” that encouraged our members to share their own personalize “Tell Friend” Link to invite their loved ones to enjoy these vasts opportunities PanelPlace has. Through this promotion, we have accumulated 481 share points and get to know more friends from 18 different countries. Interested to invite our loved ones too? 54.4% participants got it right!

Read more at Let’s Talk PanelPlace: SHARE.COMPETE.WIN to find our own “Tell Friend” Link too: https://www.panelplace.com/blogs/lets-talk-panel-place-share-compete-win

Answer: A. True

Want to stay connected with PanelPlace using a mobile app? PanelPlace does have a mobile app that allows our members to stay connected with us. Our mobile App is available for both IOS and Android users. Download now to stay connected on mobile too. 89.4% of contestants selected the correct option.

PanelPlace’s Mobile APP Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.panel.place&hl=en

PanelPlace’s Mobile APP IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/panelplace/id707326888?mt=8

Answer: A. Visit PanelPlace’s Blog Page

Interested to read more articles that revolves around earning extra income, online jobs and ways to improve yourself? PanelPlace does have a blog platform that provides ways to enhance yourself! 79.4% of participants got it correct!

Read more interesting articles: www.panelplace.com/blogs

Answer: A. Provides recommendations to PanelPlace via community page

Do you guys know that PanelPlace has a community page where you could provide recommendations to us for better improvement on our services? Do you have any ideas on how PanelPlace could provide better user experiences or services? 83.7% got this question right!

Write Your Recommendations Here: https://support.panelplace.com/hc/en-us/community/topics

Answer: C. All of The Above

There are many ways our members can invite their loved one to PanelPlace. As stated in the quiz, members can send their own “Tell Friend” Link, guide them to PanelPlace’s official websites and even to our social media page such as Facebook. 55.4% of you got it correct!

Answer: B. Two

There are 52.5% of potential contestants are right. As written, PanelPlace started only with two (2) people who have an idea of creating a platform that allows individuals to be connected to vasts opportunities globally. Want to know more about our stories?

Read more at, www.panelplace.com/about-us

There you go! We hope that through this blog post, you would have a better understanding about what PanelPlace is and its services. Also, what kind of opportunities and activities that are available for our beloved members.

Thank you very much for staying with PanelPlace and don’t forgot to join our promotion for June, The PanelPlace Blogger! What are you waiting for? Participate now!

Don’t forget to check out who won for our May promotion. See you next time!


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