Let's Talk PanelPlace: Expert, Or Not?

Let's Talk PanelPlace: Expert, Or Not?

See that cute, little bulldog professor in the picture up there? If you are going “ah ha!” right now, you guessed right: this was the banner for our monthly promotions last month, "Are you a PanelPlace Expert?"! As an initiative from the team, we want to give you a look into the data we have collected in the last month's promotion, and share with you the interesting findings we have made from your enthusiastic responses!

If you recall, basically, we got you all to answer 5 simple questions about PanelPlace, and the higher your score, the higher chance you will have to become one of our May prize winners! A near 4000 of you participated in the promotion this time, and here are the results as follows:

are you panelplace expert result

To be frank, the correct answers for all the above questions about PanelPlace are ‘FALSE’. Judging from the results here, the statistics vary for some questions and it seems that some of you still have some misconceptions about PanelPlace and how our website works. Not to worry though, we will take this opportunity to debunk these misconceptions about PanelPlace for you right now!

Question 1: I have to pay to join PanelPlace.

That’s false; you don’t have to pay to join PanelPlace! The purpose of our website is to act as a reliable platform for users like you, to gain access to legitimate survey panels that really pay. We hope to bring about a win-win situation for both you and the Market Research companies/Survey Panels that we work with, and for this purpose alone; you do not have to pay to join us!

Question 2: All surveys are from PanelPlace.

Not true. As mentioned above, PanelPlace works with Market Research companies and Survey Panels. While you benefit from the rewards/payment that you receive, Market Research companies and Survey Panels benefit by being able to reach out to all consumers and survey takers like you through PanelPlace. Unquestionably then, all the surveys you can join through our website are definitely provided by Market Research companies and Survey Panels, instead of PanelPlace!

Question 3: All rewards/payment come from PanelPlace.

Wrong again! Why? Because the Market Research companies and Survey Panels are the ones providing the surveys for you! As a result, the rewards/payment will come from them then, without a doubt, instead of PanelPlace.

Question 4: PanelPlace is a survey panel.

Incorrect! As mentioned before, we are only a platform, whose mission is to bridge consumers like you to market research entities, and bring online paid surveys to the masses. We are not a survey panel.

Question 5: My earnings will automatically show in my PanelPlace account.

The answer is ‘false’ (again)! Because we are not connected to Survey Panels per se, your earnings and rewards will not automatically show in your PanelPlace account since they are sent separately to you by the Survey Panels themselves. However, it is possible for you to upload your earning proofs instead so you can monitor all the rewards you have received thus far (which to be honest, will also really help us since other members can get a good idea of what they can earn by perhaps chancing upon your earning proof).

And last but not least… the bonus question! We asked the lot of you if you know and understand “what is a survey panel”, and while most of you responded “yes”; judging from the responses we have seen so far, it seems that many of you do not fully understand what is a Survey Panel yet. So let us define it for you next!

Simply put, Survey Panels refer to online communities of people that are interested to do surveys for money and other rewards. GfK and Toluna, for example, are two of the Survey Panels that you can join and participate here in PanelPlace. In recent years, for their large online communities, Survey Panels are becoming increasingly popular in the Market Research industry, as companies will often engage Survey Panels as a means to help them obtain data from the masses (i.e. consumers and online survey takers such as yourself). Hope that helps clear up the air and gives you a better understanding of Survey Panels!

And that’s all we wanted to say! If there are any other questions about PanelPlace that you may have, check out our very comprehensive FAQ page to help you obtain the answers you seek! Hope you have gained more insight as to how PanelPlace works from this post, and don’t forget to check out the new promotion for this month as well; there are prizes to be won! We do read through every single one of your responses, and it is always interesting to hear from you as it will help us better understand your needs and serve you better! Keep the responses going, and who knows, you might be one of our next winners. (:


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