Let's Talk PanelPlace: SHARE.COMPETE.WIN

 Let's Talk PanelPlace: SHARE.COMPETE.WIN

Who have won the “Share Master” title? Will you be the newly emerge winner of our contest? This must be the most anticipating question that everyone wants to know! In April, “SHARE.COMPETE.WIN” tournament were hosted. All members were encouraged to share their “Tell Friend” Link to their friends and family members so that an undefeatable community will be formed. A weekly leadership board were displayed on our promotion page for you to check out the highest share points generated.

So, how much “Share Points” have we accumulated by the end of April? We have collected 431 share points! That’s amazing! We were definitely delighted. Thank you for all the members who have shared their “Tell Friend” Link to their peers and family members. Hoped that all of you have enjoyed this promotion!

The best part of this promotion is that we get to know more new friends from 18 different countries. Isn’t it remarkable?!

However, there were still feedback from our members that they faced difficulties locating their personal “Tell Friend” Link. Not to worry, let’s solve this problem together! Read more to understand!

Step 1: Click On To The “Invite Friend” Tab

As shown below after logging into your own PanelPlace’s member account, search for the “Invite Friends” Tab and click into it!

Step 2: Share Your Own “Tell Friend” Link

After landing on this webpage, you would be able to find your personal “Tell Friend” Link and the different ways to share it. There are TWO (2) ways you could spread this special link of yours to your close one.

A. Copy and Pasting Manually

B. Share Through Your Social Media Platforms

That’s it! All you need is to login into your member dashboard and share your own “Tell Friend” Link to everyone!


There you go! We hope that through this blog post, you would have a better understanding on how PanelPlace’s “Tell Friend” Link works! Share all of these great opportunities you have benefited to your family and friends. You might be surprise that a special prize is awaiting for you!

Thank you very much for staying with PanelPlace and don’t forgot to join our promotion for May, Mr and Ms PanelPlace’s International 2018! Also, if you are interested to know what are some Popular Skills Companies Favour Nowadays, do read it on our blog!

Don’t forget to check out who won for our April promotion.

See you next time!


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