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How To Earn Extra While Sharing Your Passion

How To Earn Extra While Sharing Your Passion

In this article, I would like to discuss regarding online teaching, not only industry expert who wants to share their knowledge online but also everyone can teach online. Yes, I mean EVERYONE. No matter your age or background, as long as you have a special skill or knowledge that you are keen to share. You are ready to go!

So what is online teaching? I believe most of us who live in this modern era knows what does online teaching mean. From the dictionary, the word “online” means controlled by or connected to a computer using the internet. Therefore the purpose of online teaching is to move the traditional physical classroom environment to a virtual classroom. But, this virtual classroom does not have any rules and regulations to follow. You can create your own virtual classroom and there is no one to judge you.

In this modern era, technology has brought convenience to our life and thus made it much easier. There are over hundreds of electronic devices available but the commonly used are smartphone and tablet. The number of smartphone users has grown rapidly over the years and we are aware that the number of smartphone users are expected to increase worldwide in the future. At present, most of us have at least one electronic device. With the help of technologies available currently, it is trouble-free for everyone to conduct online classes across the globe. Knowledge sharing and learning are just at your fingertips.

So in this article, we shall discuss why should we conduct online classes to share your passion and knowledge together with some guideline to be an online instructor before you join the online teaching community.

Reason To Choose Online Teaching

1. Flexible Time


There are only twenty-four hours a day. For those full-time workers and even students, usually after completing your daily work routine, you are only left with few hours till the end of the day. But what if you can do some knowledge sharing and have a passion for teaching, this sure will be a choice for it.

There are online learning platforms who are looking for passionate industry expert and those who like to share their hobbies or interest, for example; playing musical instruments or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) art and crafts, they could conduct the lesson online through social media using different types of software applications to create a creative lesson for sharing purposes.

With the internet as a classroom, it allows the class to be conducted from across multiple time zones without travelling from one place to another. Online teaching allows everyone to have the ability to perform their teaching duties at their own convenience.

2. Cost


To start up a traditional physical classroom, there will be many costs to be incurred. For example: to rent a site with furniture and fittings. The expenses of the fixed asset may cost a large sum of money but the return from the investment is unforeseeable.

Therefore, online classroom is a better option for those who wish to start up a class to share their passion and knowledge with lower cost but higher returns because without renting a site, you save a lot. All the instructor needs to do is to prepare the teaching materials and pay for their internet which is already a part of their daily expenses. As I mentioned above, the travelling cost can be saved as it can be done in the comfort of your home.

The cost to start up an online teaching class is to have some tools to conduct the class. For instance, internet, a smartphone or a computer and teaching materials related to the course syllabus. All these expenses are just one-time cost which means the tools can be used long-term except for the internet. While for those who love to share your passion, it may incur even lower cost compared to an online instructor who wants to teach at the online learning platform, because all they need to do is download all the free useful applications from the app store and play store.

3. Recognition & Earn Extra Income


Well, what if we could do what we love while earning extra income. There are many online learning platforms on the internet searching for various industry experts from different backgrounds and the commission earned is quite attractive. To find out more regarding the benefits gained from the online teaching platform, you can search on their website. For example: Udemy, Shaw Academ, and LinkedIn Learning.

Whereas for those who wish to share their knowledge of their passion and to earn income, they could upload the video of their lesson to a certain social network which will pay them when the targeted amount of views achieved. Activities such as sharing ideas on YouTube, Dailymotion etc.

Besides that, sharing ideas online gives out a unique impression to the audience and it leaves a nice feeling while imprinting it onto the viewers’ heart. Sharing your knowledge with others will give your talents more exposure. This will give people you connect with the opportunity to recognize you as a valuable expert in the things you love doing. When you are well-known among the social network, it links to the earning extra income.

4. Stay Motivated While Share And Learn Across The Globe


We know that the internet helps us to connect everyone around the world. With the help of the internet, we are able to do knowledge sharing online. While we do the knowledge sharing, we could actually exchange ideas with students or audiences regarding the skills we are presenting because we can actually gain from others opinions by looking through the feedback on the comment box below. By teaching online, we get to connect with people from different backgrounds and beliefs.

Through sharing of the knowledge, we also get to learn an alternative method about the things we love to do and it generates new ideas too. For example: baking. Baker A shares his chocolate mousse recipe online and there is another baker B who saw the process of making the cake and have ideas of adding some secret ingredients such as avocado to make the cake tastier and healthier. In the end, both baker A & B share and learn from each other to bake a more tasty and healthier chocolate mousse.

Sharing knowledge helps us improve while driving us at the same time to contribute with our own understanding.

Guidelines To Conduct A Fun And Effective Online Learning Platform

For everyone who conducts an online class, most importantly the presentation should be creative and interesting. Therefore here are a few guidelines for everyone who has a passion for teaching to share their knowledge or skills

1. Live Content


Nowadays, the social network like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube has already updated their applications with live mode. With live mode, online teaching or sharing can easily be done just by using smartphone and internet connection at any place. While using the live chat with your audience or students, remember to always keep your points short and sweet. While interacting with the audience, you should remain relaxed and natural while highlighting the main points. If they have any doubts regarding the lesson, it could be clarified immediately without any delay. Sometimes, you could also use the advantage of the live chat mode at a location where not everyone able to reach. For example, a guitar lesson video. You could conduct a tour to the recording studio and let the audience to view the process of composing music.

2. Visual Contents And Background Music


When creating a video of the topic you want to present, it will bore your listeners to death if you are only speaking and explaining without visual contents and suitable background music or sound effects. During the editing process of the video, you can add in some images or even meme to make the online teaching video more interesting and humorous in nature.

3. Quizzes And Questions


Last but not least, always insert a link for your audience and students so they can ask you questions regarding the teaching video. This helps you to have a grasp of the responses from your viewers and this could be your guide for your next video. If it is an online learning platform, as an online instructor, you could also add in some quizzes at the end of your teaching video for your students to revise what they have learned through the class. But always remember to reply to your audience and students feedback promptly because it will make them feel more engaging.


After reading all the benefits and guideline written above, do you agree that everyone can teach online? No matter your qualification, as long as you have the knowledge or skills to share and have the passion to teach others. With the help of the user-friendly advanced technologies we have and just a few clicks, you are ready to teach online.


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