Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Guess A Sketch

Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Guess A Sketch

In last month's promotion, our PanelPlace staff had so much fun sketching the drawings! In fact, some of them tried to draw it in a way that makes the sketch even more challenging to guess. Well, as it goes- the harder it is, the greater the satisfaction! For those of you who would like to refresh their memory on the correct answer, click here!

So now, let’s review how our members performed in this guessing game!

Were The Sketches That Hard To Guess?

The Drawing most got correct:

The Drumstick !
What else can it be, right? One of our staff actually thought it was a pair of earmuffs.

The Drawing most got wrong:

The Swordfish!
Hmm, yes we know it can possibly look like an injection needle too.

Now, there's this one doodle that many got correct too...And they better do!

It's our PanelPlace logo! We are glad most of you guessed it right. Although some of you still thought it was a walking stick or candycane...

Now, let’s see what all the participants think of our drawing skills....

Wow, that’s a pretty good score for us!
Sure is motivating, perhaps the staff of PanelPlace shall have another drawing spree for a promotion!

If you scored badly for this promotion, don’t be discouraged! For the guessing of doodles is a rather subjective matter. You can try again in our current promotion- Unscramble the letters to find the word.

Meanwhile, if you have participated in the April promotion you can lookout for the next one, or check out new panel opportunites. We wish you all the best!

Till next time,

The PanelPlace Team


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