Let's Talk PanelPlace: The Global Citizen of PanelPlace

 Let's Talk PanelPlace: The Global Citizen of PanelPlace

Last month, we held “The Global Citizen Challenge” - a trivia quiz on 10 member countries! Everybody loves doing quizzes, especially tricky ones! A total number of 6792 members took part in this promotion.. we could totally feel the excitement you guys had! Are you a qualified Global Citizen of PanelPlace? Let’s find out below!

Question 1: (Ans: C) Don’t worry if you didn’t get this right!

 London Bridge

The iconic Tower Bridge (Option D) is often mistaken for London Bridge, given its glamorous and breathtaking sight. No one would blame you if you got this wrong (since most of the team made the same mistake as well)!

Question 2: (Ans: C) And the capital city of Australia is... Canberra!

Didn’t expect that, did you (or maybe you did)? After the Federation in 1901, Australians had a hard time deciding between Sydney and Melbourne as their capital. Following a long debate on this issue, they finally came to a compromise instead by selecting Canberra, a city that is situated between these cities. Sounds a little scammy we know, but this is a true story.

Question 3: (Ans: D) A passenger aged 18 or above is allowed to bring into Hong Kong, for his own use, up to 19 cigarettes exempted from duty - not 20 packs of it!

The rest of the other options are ALL true! This should be easy for anyone who knows a bit of Chinese, as Hong Kong does literally mean “fragrant harbor” in Chinese, and the number 4 is considered unlucky because it has the same pronunciation as the Chinese character for death. Lastly, contrary to popular belief, English is an official language of Hong Kong, along with Chinese. So there you go!

Question 4: (Ans: D) For all of the couples out there; rejoice! Cuddling in public is legal in Singapore.

We know, the very idea that some of these options are illegal in Singapore may come as somewhat of a culture shock for all of you out there, but this is not us joking around! Drinking water on the train, the selling of chewing gum and same-sex relations are all illegal in Singapore.

Question 5: (Ans: B) Did we manage to confuse you there? Indonesia’s flag has the colour red on top, and white at the bottom.

indonesia flag


In case you were wondering, the other 3 flags are those of Austria, The Netherlands and Poland. We hope our creativity astounds you (haha).

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Question 6 : (Ans: C) Adidas, H&M, Levi’s and Topshop are brands that we all know. But do we really? The American brand in this list is… Levi’s!

What about the rest then? Adidas, H&M and Topshop are from Germany, Sweden and the UK respectively. Give yourselves a pat on the shoulder if you got this right!

Question 7: (Ans: A) An easy one for all the avid travelers (or shoppers) out there; Ringgit is the official currency of Malaysia.

On the other hand, Rupee, Yen and Renminbi are the official currencies of India, Japan and China respectively. Congratulations if you got this right!

Question 8: (Ans: B) Know what the red and blue colours on the Philippines’ flag stand for? Yes that’s right; to either indicate a state of war or peace in the archipelago.

philippines flag

Was that a wow moment? If you didn’t know that before, you do now! Just to address some of the other options as well: Philippines was colonized once, but that was by the Spanish, not the Dutch! Beautiful Manila is their capital city, and the main religion in their country is Catholic.

Question 9: (Ans: D) This might be obvious to some of us already, but kissing in public is a big no-no in Thailand. Public display of action is heavily frowned upon by the conservative and traditional Thais, so do take note of that if you ever visit!

Thais hold an absolute love for their King, so any disrespect towards him, or the royal family will not be taken well, naturally. Also, since the head is thought to be the holiest part of the body in Thailand; you should never ever touch someone’s head! Lastly, as in many other countries, shouting or raising your voice is considered to be a disrespectful thing to do. Try to keep your cool, yeah?

Question 10: (Ans: D) You can NOT visit Haw Par Villa in Vietnam, simply because it isn’t in the country to begin with! Haw Par Villa is actually a theme park in Singapore.

So yes, standing beside a train as it goes pass, renting ATV bikes to cruise over sand dunes, and seeing Ho Chi Minh’s embalmed body on display are things that you CAN do in Vietnam (well, that’s if you’re into that kind of thing).

WOAH, that was mind blowing! If not for this quiz, we might not even know some of these facts! Congratulations, 8% of you are PanelPlace’s qualified Global Citizen! It’s quite an impressive figure, given that most of the PanelPlace team did not get the correct answers!

Well done, head down to the promotion page to check if you are one of the lucky winners!

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