Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Events With Emoji

Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Events With Emoji

For our promotion last month, we decided to let you play a guess-the-emoji game. The questions focused on names of important days, where people worldwide celebrate something or raise awareness of an issue. Now you know which emoji to use the next time you celebrate the events.

We know that you’re excited to find the answers for the quiz. Let’s find out which day these emoji are celebrating!

How good are you at guessing emoji?

Q1. Ans: Halloween (74% got this correct)

Did you see those scary ghost and jack-o’-lantern? Even the emoji is screaming in fear on Halloween day!

Q2. Ans: Christmas (86% got this correct)

Traditionally, we were told that Santa will deliver presents to well-behaved children. But even if you do not believe in the tale of Santa Claus, no harm decorating a Christmas tree, you might just receive the right present from

Q3. Ans: Valentine's Day (76% got this correct)

Love is in the air! Do you have crush with someone? If yes, Valentine’s Day the best time to confess. If you’re feeling shy, you can write him/her a love-letter instead of confessing directly.

Q4. Ans: New Year (88% got this correct)

What you should do on the first day of the year? Celebrating New Year’s day of course! Say goodbye to last year and celebrate a new year with fireworks displays and celebration parties!

Q5. Ans: Earth Hour (71% got this correct)

Earth Hour is an event to raise awareness on climate change. To participate, you only need to turn off your lights for an hour. Meanwhile, you can host a candlelit dinner or go stargazing. It’s the perfect time to do activities in the dark!

Q6. Ans: Car-Free Day (51% got this correct)

Automobile has negative impacts on our environment, so we need to raise awareness to encourage people to be less dependent on driving. Car-Free Day is celebrated to encourage people to avoid driving for at least one day. People are encouraged to take other means of transport, such as walking, cycling, or taking public transport.

Q7. Ans: World Red Cross Day (37% got this correct)

World Red Cross Day is a day to celebrate all volunteers that have dedicated their lives to help people in need. It is celebrated yearly on 8th May, which coincides with the birth of Red Cross’s founder, Henry Dunant.

Q8. Ans: World Emoji Day (48% got this correct)

Remember why we prepared our guess-the-emoji game in the first place? It’s to celebrate the World Emoji Day! So, don’t forget to celebrate this event (and use the calendar emoji) next year!


How many questions did you manage to answer correctly? It seems that not many people are able to guess all questions correctly, so it might not be a good idea to send a bunch of emoji as a message to your friends since it might cause misunderstanding and miscommunication!

We hope you enjoyed the game despite the challenge. Check out the promotion page to find out if you are one of the winners. This month, we have The Beer Festival promotion to test your knowledge about beer drinking habits around the world. Don’t forget to join for another chance to win reward!


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