Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Discovering Earth Hour

Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Discovering Earth Hour

Is this type of activity new to everyone? In the past, most of our monthly promotions were quizzes, Facebook comments, and lucky draws. In March, we have prepared it differently. What is it? It is a crossword puzzle that has lots of unseen words that needs to be identified by all of you.

Despite that the process of submission was a little tedious, there were altogether 483 entries submitted! We were overjoyed! With such high participation, it definitely marks it as a huge success! Thank you for everyone who joined this promotion and hoped that all of you enjoyed it!

What’s amazing about this promotion were the feedback, encouragement and support given by all of you. Common positive feedback received was, “Thank you for this interesting theme, I have learned more new knowledge about my home, Earth.” That’s very touching to know on our side. We were glad that our platform achieved this wonderful outcome.

The competition is pretty intense as at least 50% of the submission have solved the crossword puzzle. To that, the 20 winners for this promotion were picked through a random lucky draw method. Congratulations to all you! On the other hand, members who didn’t make it this round, don’t be discouraged as what counts was your effort and boldness in sending your entry to us. All of you should give yourself a tap on your shoulder, good job!

What are we waiting for? Let’s uncover the 10 answers together!

Question #1:

Which month does the Earth Hour happens?

Answer: March

There are 90% of you who got this answer right. It’s remarkable! This could be implied that most of you were aware about when Earth Hour Day occurs. Ever since The Earth Hour movement was officially established, the organization would always commemorate this special day annually on the last week of March. This year, Earth Hour Day was held on 24th March officially.

Question #2

How many minutes does an “Earth Hour” activity last?

Answer: Sixty

Similarly as question 1, 89% of the participants got this right. That’s cool! Yearly, the Earth Hour movement would hold their iconic event, “The Lights Off”, for sixty minutes. The purpose of this special event is to switch off all electricity to support an environment cause that’s happening now. As reported by BBC, in 2017, major landmarks such as London’s Tower Bridge and Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Tower have “momentarily disappeared” into the night to create awareness about the harmful impact caused by the climate change.

Question #3:

Something that we need to drink every day

Answer: Water

Did anyone of you try having words such as “coke”, “coffee”, and “tea”?

Despite having many delicious and alluring substitutes in the current market, drinking 8 cups of water is essential in our daily life. Cited from The USGS Water Science School, on average, an adult’s body consists of 60% of water. This large percentage is equivalent to at least 2.2 litres per day! That’s a lot of volume to intake! However, water is an important need in order to stay healthy and hydrated! Glad to know that 91% of you got this correct!

Question #4:

The common materials used for water bottle?

Answer: Plastic

It’s fair to say that most water bottles being sold at supermarkets and convenience stores are mainly sold in plastic bottles. 88% of you have answered it correctly. According to The Guardian, millions of plastic bottles were used worldwide in just a minute. There’s a significant amount. Furthermore, they have predicted that by 2050 the number of plastic bottles in the sea would weigh more than our aquarium friends. Currently, there were 480 billion of plastic drinking bottle sold globally. However, less than 7% of them were recycled. What would happen to our home, Earth, if this trend continues?

Question #5:

One of the biggest challenges the ocean is facing?

Answer: Pollution

Have you ever wondered how much pollution we contributed to the sea? Honestly, this question did not cross my mind until this promotion was done. Information gathered from WWF states that at least 80% of marine pollution were “donated” by us. We gave many forms of pollution to the sea animals! For instance, oil, plastic and even toxic pollution. 90%of the participants got this correct! We are glad to know that most of you were aware of this ongoing problem happening in the once clear blue sea. Pollution has always been one of the issues that both Earth Hour and WWF are creating awareness and fighting for. As shown below, there were numerous campaigns done by the organizations.

Question #6:

What is it called when the last species of animal dies?

Answer: Extinction

Does anyone know what kind of animals are at the risks of extinction? Sadly, The last male Northern White Rhino passed away two weeks ago which means that this species is extinct. The news and videos went viral in social media platforms such as Facebook. Many individuals reacted sorrowfully. There are 86% of you got this question right.

Question #7:

We shouldn’t eat too much, but eat…

Answer: Proportionally

As examined, this question could be one of the tougher ones as only 76% of the participants got it right. Recommendations provided by Earth Hour suggests that eating proportionally is one of the ways we can stay connected to Earth. How is it so? Overeating have become a first-world problem in this modern society. With wide varieties of food offerings in restaurants, everyone have the privilege to choose more options. However, figures from the United Nation shows that at least 1.3 billion tonnes of food wastage were accumulated annually. Ordering excessive amount of dishes would lead to animals species such as The Shark and Blue Tuna being killed even more. Do you know they are on the verge of extinction too?

Question #8:

There were _____ thousands of buildings switched off the lights in 2017?

Answer: three

This question must be the toughest one as there are only 65% of you got it correct. Key Highlight Report of 2017 from the Earth Hour published that 3,100 of buildings and landmarks switched their lights off to show support for an environmental cause. As mentioned in Q2, iconic trademarks of the particular country have joined to commemorate this event

Question #9:

What is the trend discovered by Earth Hour in 2017?

Answer: Temperature

81% of the participants got it correctly! It has been spotted that a rising trend in temperature is one of the reasons that led to a change in climate. Announcements made by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admission (NOAA) states that in 2017, temperature have increased by 8 to 9 degrees, as mentioned in blog posts published by Earth Hour organization. Although the figure seems small but the impact is pretty significant. Water tides have become taller, animal species have lost their homes and even trees are burning due to global warming effects. What kind of other threats are we going to face soon if this trend continues?

Question #10:

What is the name of our company?

Answer: PanelPlace

85% of participants got it correctly. We would guess that this particular question is a little tricky on the mind as the common wrong answers indicated were “WWF”.


To sum it all up, we were delighted that numerous positive feedback and encouragement were provided by the participants despite the submission process. I am sure many of you have learned new things about home, Earth! Let’s all be responsible to do our part to make our environment a better place.

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