Common Issues In Taking Paid Surveys and How to Avoid Them

Common Issues In Taking Paid Surveys and How to Avoid Them

Anyone who has tried paid surveys knows that it is definitely not a quick process. One cannot deny the fact that many companies and businesses nowadays need general market information, surveys, as well as reviews from their own target and potential customers in order to offer quality services or products, they would be more than happy to reward consumers for their feedback.

To help people having a clearer picture of the good and bad of paid surveys, we've consolidated some of the common issues that survey takers encounter while getting involved in doing paid surveys and how to avoid them.


Paid market research is becoming more and more popular among individuals who are looking for earning extra income through the Internet. Although paid survey itself is a genuine opportunity, it has been widely exploited and thousands of different scams are out there. When looking for paid survey opportunity, sometimes it could be difficult to know if it is a scam or not. So, it is always necessary to be cautious to avoid these scams and look out for the 8 things that genuine survey companies won't do.

Geographical Restriction

Considering that people are living in different places, geographical issue affects paid survey opportunity. When registering with survey panels, it is always important to register an account with the country that you are staying in. Survey panels, as well as the surveys questionnaire, has the capability to detect the IP address of the users. So if you are staying in another country, chances are you will be rejected from surveys or you may not even able to join a survey panels in the first place, due to IP address does not match the geographical requirements.

Disqualification from Surveys

In order to gather quality response, companies set market focus like gender, age group, race, income level, or education level. This is to ensure that the respondent is in the right demographic. A respondent usually get disqualified because he/she did not match the demographic or certain specific requirement (eg. visited restaurant in past 2 weeks, have a specific brand of car etc.) which are needed for a specific market research study.

Being disqualified from surveys is pretty common because each research study has different requirements and you can't possibly meet all the requirement of each research. Having said that, updating your personal profile with survey panels regularly and providing true personal details would greatly help survey panels to send more relevant surveys to you.

Quota Filled

All or most of the surveys have quota control that needs to follow. For example, a survey may require 300 Male respondents and 200 Female respondents, or a mixture of genders but maximum of 500 responses. Once a quota is filled, the survey will be closed. It is advisable to respond to the survey invitation as quickly as possible in order not to miss the opportunity.

Language Problem

Receiving paid surveys in other languages is also another issue that most users encounter. All they have to do is contact the Survey Panel and then advise them regarding the language. This is the best way for them to send the surveys in your preferred language so you can better understand the questionnaire.

Email Overload

Survey takers may encounter mailbox clogging; this is a common issue for active paid survey respondents who are subscribed with multiple survey panels. Some survey takers created a separate email address for receiving surveys related emails as you may receive lots of email from survey panels with their survey invitations, offers, newsletter etc. Or you may also want to use the email filter feature from your email client to create folders just for your paid survey emails.

Payment not Received

There are times when users didn't receive a certain payment as well as a rewards after they redeem it. They need to be mindful and contact the survey panels for an update of their payments and rewards status. In addition to that, they also need to allow enough processing time in order to receive the payments and the rewards after redemption.

Most of the survey panels now support payment via PayPal. For users who do not have a PayPal account, nothing to worry about because they can now create a PayPal account easily on PayPal supports a network of over 190 countries in different part of the world.

Earnings Expectation

Many people who are new to paid survey opportunity have a misunderstanding that doing paid surveys can make them earn money fast, as a result, they normally feel disappointed and give up fairly soon. Doing paid surveys indeed can earn extra income but be realistic about your survey earnings and do the surveys for the fun of it would be the key to stay in the game. After all, it cost nothing to join Survey Panels and make some nice pocket money for few minutes investment in doing survey.

Account Termination

Lying on surveys can cause an account to be terminated. Many survey panels are strict about what the respondents do. The survey panel reserves the right to terminate an account and suspend the rewards. To avoid account termination, answer truthfully on the surveys to help businesses who need your honest feedback/opinion.


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