Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Are You Romantic?

Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Are You Romantic?

Last month, many took the challenge to find out whether they are romantic enough for the Valentine’s day! It isn’t an easy thing to go through those questions and share your love life with us, but hey! At least now you get a sneak peek at what others have written!

Let’s Take A Look At The Overall Performance Of Our PanelPlace Members!

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Wow, this sure looked like a pretty tough quiz! Most of you scored either the full score (8 points), or in between 4-5 points! Well, let’s see to what questions are the toughest and easiest!

Let’s take a look at the most incorrectly and correctly answered questions!

#Mostly Wrong: The number of roses in a bouquet have specific meanings. What is the meaning of a single rose?

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Hmm, seems that the meaning of the number of roses was never quite analysed by most people. We’d be happy enough to just receive a rose right? In any case, now we know what’s the meaning of one rose (Love at first sight)! Despite being a single rose, it actually have a deeper romantic meaning to it!

#Mostly Correct: Which movie is a romance film?

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It seems that everyone is pretty much a film lover! This question is no struggle, and we’ve all watched the great film classic Titanic. If you haven’t, you shouldn’t miss it!

Now for the most exciting part, let’s check out what everyone chose for the last question - their dream Valentine’s gift!

#So, what would you choose to have for valentines day?

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Majority of the Member actually chose to receive flowers and dining/eating out as their perfect Valentines gift! But we are also curious about what those who filled ‘others’ have written...Let’s see some of them!

A 5 carat diamond ring
A romantic sunset on the beach with her holding my hand, resting her head on my shoulder and just staring into the settling sun till night, and stare at the stars.
A single rose
Quality time with the man I love, maybe Netflix and chill? If you know what I mean :)
A Scrapbook of my love journey

Wow, that’s a pretty fun list. Whether it’s quality time, diamond rings, or a nice day out, being with your loved ones is already a great gift to have! Besides, you can also introduce them to your awesome paid survey journey!

We hope that this quiz have leveled you up into a romantic! In the next Valentine’s day, you might have gained a bit more ideas on how to commemorate it!

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