Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Answering The Big Question For You

 Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Answering The Big Question For You

What’s the first thing you do after entering a new site? Wowing over the design? Raising your eyebrows? Having a ‘…’ moment (which is, more often than not, code for “no reaction”)? Well, it’s likely a combination of all three, but the important bit for us to consider is the part that comes after! If you think back to your first time on our website, after giving our homepage the first look-over, the next thought to cross your mind is probably something like this:

“How can I earn rewards from PanelPlace?”

(and there’s the Big Question for you!)

After receiving and reading through all that valuable feedback and suggestions from all of you, we have come to realize that quite a number of you experience confusion as to how our site works, especially during your first visit. To make your experience at PanelPlace more smooth sailing then, we have specially designed and came up with a new How It Works page! See that little addition to the dashboard up there?

Sneak Preview of "How It Works" Page.

With a general and basic guideline of everything you need to know, this page comes along with a cool infographic, which depicts how PanelPlace acts as a bridge between legitimate Survey Panels and survey takers like you. While we already have a very comprehensive FAQ and Support page from before, we know, and believe that such a page was necessary to help maximize your user experience. Step-by-step instructions and even a YouTube video (is this a wow moment yet?) are also provided to give you a visual presentation as to how you can use our site to maximize your earnings. Hope this will help you better understand PanelPlace as a whole, and clears up any queries you have of us from before! (:

Oh, and don't forget to check out the "How It Works" page!

Till the next time,

The PanelPlace Team


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Jia Wei Ang

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