Amir's First Year Experience with Paid Surveys

Amir's First Year Experience with Paid Surveys

Hello! The time has come for the monthly member's feature again.

Last month, we had KC to share with us his paid survey journey after retirement. He is also the top earning proof uploader for the past 6 months!

Today's featured member is Amir from Malaysia! Amir has joined PanelPlace for only a year but has been steadily increasing his earnings. We got him to share with us his expierence with PanelPlace and some tips and tricks!

PanelPlace Says Hi: Amir

1.Hi, could you give us an introduction of yourself?

Hi, my name is Amir, currently working as an accounts officer in the government sector. I love doing many kinds of sports such as mountain biking and playing volleyball. I grew up leading a healthy lifestyle and accomplishing many achievements in sports.
I’m quite a shy person before one gets to know me better. But as time passes, many of my good friends call me a talking parrot because I enjoy talking with them for hours! My friends also tend to say that I’m quite a funny person, maybe because I do enjoy laughing a lot!

2.How often do you do surveys?

I do surveys on a daily basis, both during the day and at night, usually as much as 20 to 25 surveys a week.The largest amount of surveys I have done in a single month is around 100+.

3.What is your favorite Survey Panel and why?

My favourite survey panel is GTM, Ipanel, Toluna, AIP and Clixsense as they tend to have higher payouts. Most of my survey earnings are from these panels.
4.Are there any particular survey topics you enjoy doing the most?
At the moment, I find surveys related to insurance the most interesting. I gained lots of valuable information doing this type of surveys. Furthermore, I learnt that insurance businesses have a very good reputation and enjoy a high income as well.

5.Could you name a few of the most interesting or unexpected questions you have gotten from a survey? What was your reaction?

I received a survey about the political situation here in Malaysia. I couldn’t answer the question straight because it was quite a sensitive issue then.

6.Could you share with us your PanelPlace story?

It has been a year since I first joined PanelPlace. I decided to join because I needed a supportive community whereby members not only share about the monetary benefits from surveys, but also the knowledge one gains. PanelPlace is a good place that I found to encourage myself to continue on this survey journey . Furthermore, through PanelPlace, I also found out that there are so many other survey websites that I could participate in to increase my income.

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7.Have you had any reservations about paid surveys before joining us? Has your thinking changed since?

Yes. I used to be more cautious and would take a deeper look at paid survey websites before participating in any of them. Now, I am less skeptical about them.

8.What do you think about paid surveys?

I love the adventure I get while doing surveys! It is part of my pastime and helps me to earn additional income as well. I find doing surveys interesting in many ways. Not only do we gain some knowledge from it, but also monetary benefits as well. For those who just started doing surveys, make sure to be patient! There will always be some surveys that you are not eligible for based on your profile. I have also referred my friends to many different websites, helping them gain more income.
I only have a few tips to share with you. Firstly, don’t be too fussy when it comes to surveys. Every survey that comes, answer it wisely. If you do get screened out early, make sure you remember the type of question that caused you to be eliminated from the target group. Secondly, be patient. Some surveys have time limit so make sure you adjust your time accordingly when doing the surveys.

9.What was the biggest problem you faced when doing paid surveys for multiple survey panels?

Sometimes, I would get upset when I am screened out from surveys due to the websites being temporarily down or the survey itself being down. Usually, I would take action by emailing the site support team for answers.

10.What would you tell people who are considering doing Paid Surveys?

It’s Fun. It’s an Adventure. It makes money!

11.Is there anything else you would like to say to the PanelPlace community or team?

I would like to thank PanelPlace for making my day worthwhile and fulfilling! It is an honour to be able to work with you all.Thanks again!

Thank you Amir for sharing with us your valuable experience with PanelPlace! We are also very honoured and pleased to have such a loyal supporter.

Amir shared with us the additional benefit of gaining new knowledge through surveys, besides the monetary rewards. He also emphasised on the importance of being patient and attempting any survey that comes your way! We hope that Amir's determined attitude has motivated you to continue to strive to improve on your paid survey journey. You might even end up on the featured member's page yourself! All the best and continue to work hard on your survey jouney!

Till next time,

The PanelPlace Team


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