6 Different Individuals & Stories, How Did They Benefit From PanelPlace?

To our dearest members, how are your adventure and journey here like in PanelPlace?

This month, we will be introducing our new segment, Memberzine! A compilation of different interesting and unique stories contributed by our beloved members! Through Memberzine, our members will be sharing their successes, tips and benefits achieved from various opportunities (for example, market research and education) they have been exposed to in PanelPlace!

Excitedly, let’s to uncover their stories together on how have other members gained more benefits!

Let’s look back at their opportunity journey together!

1. Aizat's Adventure on Succeeding With Market Research Opportunities

If you are a fresh graduate who is currently researching for additional platform to earn extra allowances, you definitely cannot miss the story of Aizat on how he balances between career with market research opportunities. In here, Aizat shared about his personal views about market research opportunities, tips on how you could better maximise your earnings and how PanelPlace benefited him. For members who needs some guidances, be sure to read more about it!

2. Wan Lin, 7.5 years with PanelPlace

Wan Lin is one of our pioneer members here in PanelPlace. She has been consistently participated in our monthly promotion. What encouraged and motivated Wan Lin to stay active and use PanelPlace on a daily basis? Have Wan Lin’s reserves on relevant market research opportunities changed? It is highly recommended for new members to read her entire story if you do not have a clear idea on what PanelPlace is.

3. The Expert From New York - Anthony

Anthony shared with us his experiences with market research opportunities in New York. He has been actively participating and earning from opportunities available here in PanelPlace. Also, Anthony provided us on tips how users could elaborate and provide better quality opinions which are highly encouraged by research study companies. Read his entire story if you want to master this difficult skills too!

4. Kheng Yee - The Korean Culture Lover

Read about the passionate Korean music and drama lover, Kheng Yee, who have benefited from market research opportunities. In the past, Kheng Yee have a strong skeptical perceptions about market research. However, what caused her to have a change of views on it? For members who needs more advices and opinions about trustable opportunities, it is a must to read about it!

5. “The Mother’s Stories” - Hafik Hanafi

“Making Ends Meet - A Mother’s Story On Market Research Opportunities”. The story of a noble mother who prioritise her beloved daughter over anything. In here, Hafik Hanafi shared with us about how both PanelPlace and market research opportunities assisted in improving her life by spending more quality time with her child. If you are Mother who is finding a flexible job to earn a side allowances, you definitely cannot skip this story!

6. KC - “The Knowledgeable and Active Retiree”

If you are a retiree who is looking for a flexible job to earn some allowances while enjoying your life, KC’s sharings about how market research opportunities become a handy “partner” is a story you must read about!

What’s your opportunity stories here in PanelPlace?

We would like to thank all of our members who have contributed their knowledge and tips to our big community. Through these 6 stories, we hope that it helps you in your journey here in PanelPlace. To emphasise, we would like you to know that success can mean different things for each individuals such as learning new knowledge and earning rewards. Be determine and continue to pursue your goals! We strongly believe that you can achieve your success too!


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